open letter to Justin Timberlake #bringbreweryback

If you haven’t heard (or noticed), I’ve moved blogs to merge with my sister, Kristen. Find all future posts over at…including this open letter to Justin Timberlake to save the historic Tennessee Brewery.

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– lindsey e archer


Dear Justin,

We need to talk. One on two. We have an opportunity for you to invest in good times. It’s not a bad thing to do.


There’s this situation, you see. It’s the historic Tennessee Brewery, at 495 Tennessee Street in Memphis, TN. It’s this beautiful old building. Seriously, just gorgeous.


If no one buys it, they’re going to tear it down at the end of this summer. Tear it down as in close it—forever.


I know. Harsh. But we needed to get your attention. I mean just LOOK at this amazing piece of architecture.



We told you.

We’re writing you because we know you love Memphis. It’s your city, man. You love this town. I mean, there’s a freakin day named after you here. JT day. You may have heard of it.

But, we’re not going to sugar coat this. This building is stupid expensive. Like, millions of dollars…

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Molly & Scamp 05.03.14

Kristen wrote her first contribution for our new blog over at get ARCH’d. Be sure to hop on over if you’re in the mood to see some great photography from her latest engagement session. We’ll be posting over there from now on, so skip over and follow the new blog to stay updated! Thanks, Lindsey


You’ve heard from Lindsey, now it’s my turn.

Welcome to my first blog post on ARCH’d. But don’t worry. Lindsey proofread everything. While my math skills aren’t exactly what you would call stronghopefully my photography makes up for it. Here’s a sneak peak into my latest engagement photography session.



I met Molly when I was a junior in college and she was a member of our newest pledge class in Kappa Delta. Serving as the vice president membership, recruiting an awesome pledge class was especially important to me that year. Molly and I became instant friends, her sense of humor complimenting mine. I even understand how she doesn’t like having “special powers” (sorry for the inside joke).

I remember when Molly first told me about her (now) fiance Scamp following their trip to the OC. Molly and I binge-watched thirty 5 seasons of the addictive CW show in…

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tis the season to get ARCH’d

Tis the season to get ARCH’d. Holiday decor is now up on the new blog!

Same writing. Same artwork. Just a new blog. Head on over!

– lindsey


Thanksgiving is two weeks away.

15 days, to be exact. Which means, in 16 days you’re allowed to start decorating your home for Christmas. If you happen to start hanging the mistletoe before then, just know you are one of the houses I will be side-eyeing and openly judging as I drive by and see your house lit up in the dark by twinkling lights before I am able to enjoy my turkey and stuffing. Blasphemy.

However, you know what you ARE allowed to do before official turkey day? Stock up on holiday and Christmas home decor.

Kristen and I were forced to re-stock up last holiday season—our second Christmas in our century old Cooper Young house—due to a slight critter issue. When we first moved in, we were super excited our house featured both a basement AND attic. Then I remembered I hate creepy midtown basements, thanks to my old…

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we came. we SAW. we conquered.

You may have noticed the absence of blog posts here recently. No, I haven’t just been lazy. My sister and I have been working hard to combine our two Etsy shops and blogs into one—get ARCH’d.

I wanted to thank you all for reading and following lindseyEarcher over the past few years and I hope you will continue to read all about my art, graphic design, etsy shop, writing, etc. over at the new blog. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of my equally amazing sister, Kristen, there to keep you company whenever I’m slacking.

Click over and #getARCHd at the new site!

Thanks again,


Welcome to the first official post here at get ARCH’d.

Sidenote: while the blog may be bare bones at the moment, we’ll be adding pages and features to flesh out the site throughout this first month. Come back often. We are Kristen (my sister) and Lindsey (me) Archer. For the quick about us version, visit our about page here.

Kristen and I are proud to announce the recent purchase of one of our first power tools. Behold the miter saw:

Circular Saw Ryobi Wood Art Kristen Lindsey Archer GetArchd-6

Technically, we also own a power drill and power sander. But we stole borrowed the power drill from our Dad’s garage, and the worst a power sander is going to do is give you a slight friction burn (that is a total guess and therefore highly inaccurate assessment). So, those don’t count.

Did you know there are three different types of saws included in Forbes’ list of the 10 Most…

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tuesday transfers 05.28.13

Forgive me, for I’ve been absent lately. It has been a month since my last blog post. Now I feel like I’m in a confessional booth, despite the fact the closest I’ve ever been to Catholicism was serving as a bridesmaid in a Catholic wedding. Instead of offering up excuses, I’ll just be honest. I’ve been tired. And lazy. After my day job and freelance work, I’ve wanted nothing more than to crawl into my overstuffed living room sofa and veg out in front of my television to watch all of the season/series finales piled up on my DVR. It has been joyous.

Nonetheless, I’m back and the blog has some catching up to do. If you’ll bear with me, this next week is going to be post-heavy. We’re starting with a Tuesday Transfers (just two days behind) featuring my latest art transferred to salvaged wood. To see all of the Tuesday Transfers posts, click here and scroll down.

Since it’s graduation season, these first two pieces were inspired by the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” which my mother gave me for my own graduation from high school. I created a hot air balloon graphic to accompany the book title. For the Etsy listing photography, I used my sister’s small, decorative metal plane as a prop. This first piece, with the black graphics on the coral/peach background, is available in my Etsy Shop here.


For this more colorful red and teal version, I swapped out the background books in the Etsy photo for a more neutral color scheme, so as not to distract from the wood art piece. This hot air balloon graphic with the map/vintage writing superimposed on a few of the colors is one of my favorite designs I’ve created. Plus, I think this Dr. Seuss book title makes the perfect graduation quote. This piece is available in my Etsy Shop here.


Moving on from graduation gifts, the next four salvaged wood pieces are pure Memphis art. Starting with the King of Rock-n-Roll, we have an Elvis Presley silhouette graphic on a teal painted background. A special thanks to my sister for lending me her metal guitar home decor to use for an Etsy listing photography prop. This Elvis art piece is available in my Etsy Shop here.


If you’ve never heard of “Choose 901,” please take a moment to visit here. It’s a great website that allows people to share and showcase some of the great things the City of Memphis has to offer. You can also follow them on twitter here. If you have something awesome to tweet about Memphis, be sure to add the #Choose901 hashtag. I made these next two pieces to resemble their logo. The first blue piece has already been sold to a local customer who ended up special ordering a group of them to use as unique graduation presents. So, I guess I lied about moving on from graduation gifts. My bad.


This yellow and black Choose 901 version is available in my Etsy Shop here.


This last wood art piece is a showcase of my love for my hometown of Memphis, TN. It features a silhouette of the state of Tennessee, with a pink heart graphic over the city of Memphis. I’ve seen this pop up all over Etsy…in prints, jewelry, etc., so I thought I’d put my own spin on the concept with a graphic print transferred to a salvaged wood block. This piece is available in my Etsy Shop here.


I get to close with some good news today. Some of my art, as well as some of my sister’s pieces, can now be locally bought in Cooper Young’s new shop, Kindred Spirit Style. I’ll be blogging in more detail about the shop and its wonderful owner, Patti Yancey, sometime later this week. In the meantime, if you’re in the Cooper Young area, be sure to stop by 2172 Young Avenue and check out the shop. They are open every Thursday thru Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Again, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Check back tomorrow for a new Etsy Treasury!

– lindsey archer

etsy friday finds

Welcome to the latest Etsy Friday Finds. I know today is actually Saturday, but we all have an imagination, so let’s pretend it’s still Friday. If you missed this week’s Tuesday Transfers about my latest chalkboard typography obsession, click here.

My latest Etsy Treasury is flush with purples and corals and…well, summertime. Now, if we could just get Memphis on board with what summertime actually means, that’d be great. Unfortunately, Memphis weather is suffering from bipolar disorder and keeps switching  from winter to summer, to a little spring and back to winter—all in the course of a week. Say it with me. Bipolar.

To browse all of my Etsy Friday Finds posts, click here and follow the thread. CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to go directly to the full Etsy Treasury to explore, click around and mark your favorites. Or, you can click the images and links listed below the screenshot to go directly to each item’s listing or Etsy Shop.

Happy Treasury hunting.


#1 – brown & purple tribal arrow leather clutch from etsy shop Grace Design
#2 – adjustable galaxy ring with orion nebula from etsy shop Juju Treasures
#3 – peach coral teardrop statement necklace from etsy shop Nestled


#4 – san francisco victorian house illustration art print from etsy shop Anna See
#5 – purple/plum/wine vintage home decor books from etsy shop Ambito Art and Design
#6 – coral flower drop handmade earrings from etsy shop Octavia Bloom


#7 – 1960s vintage purple sundress from etsy shop Hopscotch and Soda
#8 – cottage chic coral wall flower vase from etsy shop Country Living at Heart
#9 – grey and coral butterfly cocktail fascinator from etsy shop Ella Gajewska HATS


#10 – under the same stars mixed media art print from etsy shop elise mahan fine art
#11 – lilac vintage 3-level side table from etsy shop Red Rhino Revamp
#12 – violet transparent round vintage eyeglasses form ety shop MOD Vintage


#13 – pink nautical knots statement necklace from etsy shop Ylleanna
#14 –  set of three purple prep dipping bowls from etsy shop Claylicious


#15 – four corners sun eco-friendly necklace from etsy shop Nature as Muse
#16 – vintage purple scandinavian rag rug from etsy shop 86 home


Which one of these treasury items is your favorite? Know of a great or unique Etsy Shop (I mean, there are so many)? Mention or link to it in the comments below so I can check it out for my next Etsy Treasury.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, but hopefully I’ll still have time to finish a few art pieces for next week’s Tuesday Transfers. I also have a play-by-play I’m working on writing up about the process of painting my latest commissioned piece.

Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

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