tuesday transfers 03.12.13

My sister and I recently converted our back room from a library/sitting room to a library/office. We bought a wide table from a thrift store, then refinished and repurposed it as a two sided desk to fit both of our computers (instagram image here). The back wall of the now-office features two large windows and a pair of glass doors that open out to our back deck, which gives us a nice view to look out onto when our eyes aren’t glued to our computer screens. You know what other purpose those glass doors serve? They let our dog outside.

I’m sitting here at my desk, writing this post in our library/office as Maddie is staring out of those two glass doors, longing to be outside. And now she’s barking. As part hound, Maddie has one of the loudest barks for a 50 lb. dog I have ever heard. She likes to bark and whine and howl to get your attention because she doesn’t understand that a simple paw swipe on the door is efficient enough for me to let her outside. Then, less than two minutes later, she is flinging herself against the glass door to be let back inside. Over and over again. Hard. Because apparently a zombie apocalypse has broken out in our backyard and why am I just sitting here typing on my keyboard when I should be leaping up from my chair right now to open the door for her before she is attacked by the flesh eating zombies? After a few more body slams into the door, I oblige and let her inside. She leaps around the house, goes to fart in the living room (or whatever it is she does when we’re not in there with her) and is back in front of that damn glass door within two minutes. Barking and howling and jumping to be let back out as if she has completely forgotten about the zombies outside waiting to attack her.

Rinse and repeat.

Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on writing a blog post when you have a bi-polar dog in the room with you? Obviously you do now, considering I’ve written about my new office, Maddie and the zombie apocalypse without one mention of what this blog post is supposed to be about.

So, moving on to Tuesday Thursday Transfers*. To catch up on all my Tuesday Transfers posts, go here, scroll down and start at the bottom.

This week’s photo transfer artwork is another round of tumbled marble tile coaster sets (I blogged about my first sets here). In keeping with my most recent Etsy listings, I’ve tried to include more props in the photography here (as always, click on images to enlarge).

First up is my favorite Ernest Hemingway writing quote:

Write drunk; edit sober

Just like my first coaster sets, these coasters are made by transferring custom graphic images to tiles of tumbled marble. I did these coasters in three shades of green, since we’re coming up on St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday. And because green is my favorite color. I also added in my great-grandfather’s vintage Underwood typewriter as an accent for the Etsy listing photography. This set is available in my Etsy shop here.


I previously made a set of colored Elvis Presley coasters, but I wanted to keep this one simple. So, I kept to a black and white theme. Since I don’t own a guitar, blue suede shoes or any other Elvis memorabilia, these photos didn’t include any accents. Just Elvis coasters. These are available in my Etsy shop here.


For this next coaster set, I took a vector graphic of a vintage typewriter and added it to three colorful backgrounds. I figured the pastel blue, mint and yellow-green hues were perfect for the spring/Easter season. These are listed in my Etsy shop here.


Next up, who doesn’t love wine? For this marble coaster set, I drew up three vectors of different shaped wine glasses in Adobe Illustrator and paired them with coral/orange and shades of mint green. Then, of course, I grabbed three wine glasses from my cupboard to use as photography props for the Etsy listing. You can view them in my Etsy shop here.


That’s all I have for today (sorry Tuesday Transfers is on Thursday this week). Next week’s transfer series will be all about this quote:

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Also, check back tomorrow for my latest Etsy Treasury. It’s either going to be about traveling or St. Patrick’s Day. I haven’t decided. Now, excuse me. Maddie wants to go play outside with the zombies.

– lindsey archer

*I apologize for the erratic nature of this blog post’s opening. My dog is crazy.

tuesday transfers 02.19.13

Technically this is posting on Friday night. Let’s ignore this small technicality and pretend it is actually Tuesday and I posted this Tuesday Transfers blog on time because I’m awesome like that and in no way a horrible procrastinator. My bad.

I’d also like to pre-apologize for any typos this post may contain, as I’m in the middle of a heated battle between Leonardo, a pizza wielding Michelangelo, some TMNT villain with a purple cape, a cardboard box and a five-year-old.

With this new round of art photos, I decided to try something a little different than the plain backdrops I’ve been using up until now. How? By adding props.

First up is my go-to writing quote by Ernest Hemingway:

Write drunk; edit sober.

My sister and I have a vintage Underwood typewriter from the early 1900s that belonged to our great-grandfather, which served as a great background for this art piece. I’m on a coral/orange kick lately, so this block features orange paint with black transferred graphics. It’s available in my Etsy Shop here.


Keeping with the orange theme, I’ve tried out a new quote:

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

I created a vintage inspired orange background using a combination of handwriting and map brushes in Photoshop. I paired this wood piece with one of my globe bookends my sister gave me for a birthday present. That’s also my sister’s passport, because I’ve never left the country therefore I don’t own one. So, yes, this quote is not exactly indicative of my life.

UPDATE: this orange travel quote block is available in my Etsy Shop here.



Here is a larger version of the same quote and background, minus the orange. This close-up offers up a better view of the vintage map background. As of this moment, these pieces aren’t available in my Etsy Shop, but I’ll be sure to update the post once I have them up in the shop.

UPDATE: this ivory travel quote block is available in my Etsy Shop here.



Last one up today is back to the orange theme with a chevron pattern, featuring the Frank Zappa quote:

So many books, so little time.

I’ve already established I own a lot of books, so I had plenty to choose from to form a stack of books with covers in shades of only yellow or orange. I recommend all of them.

UPDATE: this orange chevron quote block is available in my Etsy Shop here.


That’s all the wood art transfers I have for tonight. As I mentioned, I’ll be sure to update this post with the Etsy listings as soon as I get them all uploaded. Happy National Margarita Day. Now please excuse me. Michelangelo needs my assistance.

– lindsey archer

stranger danger

I’m not good at networking. At all. Like, I’m horribly, shockingly dreadful at it. So, naturally, the idea of attending a writers conference all by my lonesome scares the shit out of me.

Do I think it would be good for me? Benefit me tremendously? Widen my literary connections? Sharpen my writing skills? All of the above.

It still scares the shit out of me.

It’s the whole fear of being thrown into a room full of people I don’t know and being forced to socialize with them syndrome (FOBTIARFOPIDKABFTSWTS). Despite what you think, it’s actually very common. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had its own WebMD page. You know…right next to the how to turn your common cold symptoms into ‘You Only Have One Week To Live’ page.

I’m good with tweeting and texting and everything else the older generation spits on my generation for in terms of communicating. I mean, who isn’t comfortable with allowing technology to talk for them? It’s when you stick me in a room with complete strangers that I freeze up and turn into a crazy mute person. I revert back to my days of infancy when I had yet to learn any communication skills other than crying and defecating into a diaper.

See, growing up, you’re always told by adults to not talk to strangers. It’s dangerous. Wrong. DON’T DO IT. STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER! They program that shit into your head. Then, you start school and those same adults leave you alone in a room full of strangers and tell you to go have fun and turn them into friends. I mean…where’s the consistency? If I’m not supposed to even talk to strangers, why the Hell are you trying to make me become friends with them all of a sudden? What happened to stranger danger? I don’t know any of these people! Why are you abandoning me here???!?

I blame this for why I freeze up around new people. I was just such well behaved child and followed everything my parents taught me (Momma, stop laughing).

It’s not that I’m socially awkward per se, but rather socially hit or miss. Once I get going—alcohol always helps—I can talk for hours. It’s the get going that I have trouble with all too often. I call it the stranger bitch effect (SBE). As in, when people sometimes first meet me, I tend to come across as a little bit of a bitch. When really, it’s my inability to function normally around strangers in combination with what my sister and close friends refer to as my natural bitch face that tends to screw up that coveted first impression. I apologize. I can’t help it if my default expression lacks roses and rainbows. I try to be conscious of it, but then I end up with this weird, creepy, fake smile—which I can assure you is way scarier than the aforementioned stink-eye face.

I am getting better, which was evident at the recent MPACT Happy Hour I attended at Alchemy last week. I actually talked to people, networked a little, gave out at least one business card, gained a new FB friend…yes, alcohol was involved (we’re talking a few drinks here, I’m not a lush). I also had my sister there as back-up, something I won’t have at a writers conference.

So, yeah, back to writers conferences…the whole point of this post. While I am scared out of my mind at attending one of these solo, I’m not going to let that fear deter me from experiencing one. I just needed to talk about it a little bit. You know…get it off my chest, get it out into the open to all you other writers out there. So that when you happen to run into some random girl at your next writers conference who you notice keeps looking around with this crazy bitch expression frozen on her face…you’ll actually come up and say hello.

Really. I would love to meet you.

– lindsey archer

PS – I have no idea which conference I am going to attend, just that I will be going to one sometime in the next calendar year. If you have any recommendations for a newbie writer like me, please let me know! There are so many out there. I seriously need all the help I can get.

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