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Welcome to the latest Etsy Friday Finds. I know today is actually Saturday, but we all have an imagination, so let’s pretend it’s still Friday. If you missed this week’s Tuesday Transfers about my latest chalkboard typography obsession, click here.

My latest Etsy Treasury is flush with purples and corals and…well, summertime. Now, if we could just get Memphis on board with what summertime actually means, that’d be great. Unfortunately, Memphis weather is suffering from bipolar disorder and keeps switching  from winter to summer, to a little spring and back to winter—all in the course of a week. Say it with me. Bipolar.

To browse all of my Etsy Friday Finds posts, click here and follow the thread. CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to go directly to the full Etsy Treasury to explore, click around and mark your favorites. Or, you can click the images and links listed below the screenshot to go directly to each item’s listing or Etsy Shop.

Happy Treasury hunting.


#1 – brown & purple tribal arrow leather clutch from etsy shop Grace Design
#2 – adjustable galaxy ring with orion nebula from etsy shop Juju Treasures
#3 – peach coral teardrop statement necklace from etsy shop Nestled


#4 – san francisco victorian house illustration art print from etsy shop Anna See
#5 – purple/plum/wine vintage home decor books from etsy shop Ambito Art and Design
#6 – coral flower drop handmade earrings from etsy shop Octavia Bloom


#7 – 1960s vintage purple sundress from etsy shop Hopscotch and Soda
#8 – cottage chic coral wall flower vase from etsy shop Country Living at Heart
#9 – grey and coral butterfly cocktail fascinator from etsy shop Ella Gajewska HATS


#10 – under the same stars mixed media art print from etsy shop elise mahan fine art
#11 – lilac vintage 3-level side table from etsy shop Red Rhino Revamp
#12 – violet transparent round vintage eyeglasses form ety shop MOD Vintage


#13 – pink nautical knots statement necklace from etsy shop Ylleanna
#14 –  set of three purple prep dipping bowls from etsy shop Claylicious


#15 – four corners sun eco-friendly necklace from etsy shop Nature as Muse
#16 – vintage purple scandinavian rag rug from etsy shop 86 home


Which one of these treasury items is your favorite? Know of a great or unique Etsy Shop (I mean, there are so many)? Mention or link to it in the comments below so I can check it out for my next Etsy Treasury.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, but hopefully I’ll still have time to finish a few art pieces for next week’s Tuesday Transfers. I also have a play-by-play I’m working on writing up about the process of painting my latest commissioned piece.

Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

etsy friday finds 02.22.13

Welcome to my fourth attempt at Etsy Friday Finds. If you missed the first three installments and have no idea what an Etsy is, go here.

This week’s theme is all about navy blue, nautical, etc. I really just wanted to be able to say into Navy now. You know. Like the 1950s film You’re in the Navy Now. I get it. I’m being cheesy again. Stop laughing. Just enjoy these 16 finds on Etsy.

#1 – Herman Melville illustrated quote print from shop Obvious State
#2 – navy blue buttoned coat dress from shop DOROTHE boutique
#3 – nautical anchor throw pillow from shop Vintage Affair Studio


#4 – blue leather knot clutch from shop milloo
#5 – abstract winter blue painting from shop Nature and Art
#6 – Henry James quote 8″ screen printed dish from shop mbart studios


#7 – midnight blue globe earrings from shop Tiny Galaxies
#8 – blue door photography wood art from shop kristen archer
#9 – Cape Disappointment lighthouse photography print from shop Dena Brender Photography


#10 – I have loved the stars Sarah Williams quote print from shop hairbrained schemes
#11 – navy blue knit urchin beret hat from shop pixiebell
#12 – navy nautical heart set of 3 magnets from shop Handy Happy Hearts


#13 – Nantucket nautical wood whale vintage sign from shop Slippin’ Southern
#14 – deep blue maxi sundress from shop sophia clothing


#15 – vintage compass wine stopper from shop Milk and Honey Luxuries
#16 – bedtime painting Giclée print from shop tastes orangey


CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to go directly to the full Treasury List.


Today’s a double dose on the blog, as I’m catching up with a late installment of Tuesday Transfers. I apologize for doubling up on you today, but it’s been a busy week. Just think…now you’ll have plenty to look as you pretend to work at your desk while counting down until you can get out off the office and take advantage of National Margarita Day. It’s a win-win, really.

Check back later this afternoon for my next post.

– lindsey archer

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