project 365 | days 215 thru 234

Now that Christmas & New Year’s are over, I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great holiday. Wonderful, actually. It’s just…after all the holiday parties, birthdays (I have too many friends/relative with Birthdays that fall within a week of Christmas), shopping, gift making, gift wrapping, Etsy Shop tending, cooking, drinking, etc., I feel like I need a week’s vacation just to recuperate my energy. Or just 24 hours to sleep. THAT’s what I should have asked for this year. Sleep.

Regardless, my holiday was fantastic. I spent time with family. I ate some great food. I attended some great parties. I got all I wished for and hope you did, as well. Now it’s time to catch up on to some Project 365. To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts (more than once). Today we’re starting with Day 215. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 215, I just realized it has been almost a year since I’ve had my hair cut, which is why I seem to have more split ends than healthy ends. Excuse me for a second while I go make a hair appointment. Day 216, in case you didn’t know, Target is a black hole. On this day, I believe I went in to buy one single package of cat food. On my direct route to reach the pet product section, I had to stop off first and browse the greeting cards for almost an hour, which happened to be across the aisle from the hair care products, which led me to picking up some new shampoo, which got me to thinking about new accessories for my bathroom, which is why I left with a month’s supply of toilet paper and an entire set of new towels. Black hole…or the smartest retail store layout EVER?

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-215 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-216

Day 217, one of my closest college friends—a sorority sister I hadn’t seen in almost 4 years—came in town for the weekend to visit. After picking her up from the airport, we began at my favorite neighborhood Irish Pub, Celtic Crossing, for a round or two of drinks. Day 218, there just so happened to be a Beer Festival (Cooper Young Regional Beerfest) less than two blocks from my house, so of course I happily dragged her there before later walking back home to watch our alma mater (Mississippi State) beat Tennessee, 41-31.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-217 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-218

Day 219, we rounded out my friend’s weekend in Memphis with brunch down the street at The Beauty Shop. I had so much fun, Kish, & I miss you already. Maybe next time, I’ll actually take you out of my neighborhood. Day 220, this is what happens two hours after gifting Maddie with a new toy. She’s only 45-ish lbs, and yet she destroys chew toys faster than my parents’ 80 lb. behemoth, Bogey. Kristen and I were picking up stray pink strands from every random corner of our house for weeks.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-219 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-220

Day 221, looking for the best toasted ravioli in Memphis? Visit Dino’s Grill in midtown, located on N. McLean. Plus, they have all-you-can-eat-spaghetti every Thursday night. Day 222, I put our mantle chalkboard to good use when Kristen’s friends Trish & Brian came to stay with us. I then became super lazy and left that welcome message up there for about two months.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-221 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-222

Day 223, everyone always says my sister and I look extremely alike. We get asked all the time whether or not we’re twins. While I agree there is some family resemblance between the two of us, the only attributes that are identical are our voices. When you talk to us on the phone, it’s basically like talking to the same person. Day 224, ever since I moved to Midtown (about five years ago), my favorite local Mexican restaurant has been Molly’s la Casita. Forewarning, their margaritas will put you on the floor.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-223 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-224

Day 225, my sister attended Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), while I attended Mississippi State University (MSST). Even though she could care less about football, I love the bragging rights that came with this absolute athletic domination. SEC all the way. Day 226, Maddie has recently decided our home isn’t good enough for her and begun the daunting task of digging her way to China. I’ll let you know if she at least makes it to the neighbor’s yard.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-225 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-226

Day 227, I forced Kristen to watch the Presidential debates with me. I’ve already touched on my stance with discussing politics, so I’ll leave it at that. Day 228, have you seen Argo? It’s the best edge-of-your-seat thriller I’ve seen in years. Kristen and I were literally on the edge of our seats throughout the movie. I was anxious and scared the entire time. I’ll be surprised if—come Thursday morning—it doesn’t receive at least a few Oscar nods. It’s a must see.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-227 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-228

Day 229, I recently finished reading the Beautiful Creatures series (also known as the Caster Chronicles), ahead of the first book’s film adaptation coming out February 2013. While this series didn’t excite me quite as much as The Hunger Games, it is better than Twilight. I think it would have been better suited as a trilogy, instead of stretching the story into four novels. A little long, but still a decent read. Day 230, I’m a horrible pool player. At least, I usually am. On this specific night at Young Avenue Deli, my partner and I won six or seven games in a row. I have no idea how this freak accident occurred, but I sure hope it happens again.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-229 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-230

Day 231, Kristen & I spent a lazy Friday night stretched out on my couch in front of the TV with our friend, Audrey, eating Swanky’s Taco Shop take-out and drinking beer. Night well spent. Day 232, Kristen and I attended the Dixon Gallery’s Art on Fire fundraiser event with my friend Jennifer. Food, beer, wine, bonfires, live music, fire performers, art, charity auction…I have a feeling this will become an annual event for me.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-231 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-232

Day 233, my family gets together every year before Halloween to carve pumpkins. Correction: my family gets together every year to watch my brother and I carve pumpkins while they eat and drink. With him being an architect and me being an artist, we typically go all out to see who can carve the better design. This year, however, I was lazy and only did the Apple logo, while he carved out the Autobot symbol from Transformers because his son is beyond obsessed with everything Transformers. My nephew freaked out and loved it. Day 234, my office got a new touch screen phone system. While I like to consider myself somewhat tech-savvy, it took me over a week to figure out how to use this thing. Which is why when I finally figured out how to access the voicemail, I had close to twenty urgent messages. #Fail.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-233 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-234

That’s it for today. Coming soon: another wood art post, plus a list of my favorite books read in 2012. Happy New Year!

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 63 thru 78

Today is Day 82 on my Project 365 journey. Only 2 cat pictures today. I’ll hold for the applause.

For my previous Project 365 posts, you can go HERE and start at the bottom. Today we’re starting with Day 63. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 63, I’ve recently become obsessed with bookends. I saw these recently at Target and all I can say is, I want need them to be on my bookshelf (hint, hint). Day 64, chocolate chip cookie dough. I don’t even like chocolate and these cookies actually turned out rather gross. I blame it on the fact I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a while and my refrigerator was depressingly empty. Another reason why I don’t feel grown up. Grown ups have full fridges. Lately, ours has resembled that of a college frat boy’s—lots of booze, very little actual nutrients.


Day 65, my sister and I showed up to my parents’ house for Mother’s Day to this lovely gift from our dear old Dad. No photoshop here…this is an actual brand of wine that comes in both white and red. My Dad thinks he’s hilarious. Day 66, remember those unwelcome houseguests I’ve blogged about before? It’s summer…which means it’s hot…which means They. Are. Back. I had to break out the handy dandy wooden candlestick roach killer. No comment on how long it stayed in our front room before my sister caved and disposed of the intruder. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


Day 67, this heap of books is why I’m a broke ass. Dad, 1. Me, 0. Day 68, I actually didn’t take this picture (do I get points for Instagram-ing it?). I went to Alchemy with my sister for MPACT‘s Happy Hour and completely forgot to take a picture while I was there, so I cheated and used one from their website. I know. I’m slacking. It’s better than another image of Mulligan, though. Right? I’m just trying to provide you all with a little variety. Really, I’m looking out for you.


Day 69, I always work to music/tv/some type of sound. In order to drown out the noise from my sister’s poor choice of TV viewing that was echoing from the living room (cough, Krapdashians, cough), I broke out the earbuds to listen to a little Lucy Schwartz. My ears thanked me. Day 70, Mulligan! He’s such a pretty cat. He’s also sneaky and likes to take over my office chair every time I get up from it. But, he’s pretty, so I forgive him.


Day 71, I hit the parents’ pool again, with a little company from Odd Thomas. Day 72, shut it. Mulligan is amazing. So amazing, he defies the odds of logic and enjoys baths. You know…just your average, everyday cat.


Day 73, my copy of Odd Thomas has seen better days, considering I’ve read it once or twice or okay six times. The movie comes out this November, so I was catching up. I’ll probably read it at least once more before November. Day 74, another happy hour, this time with a friend I don’t see enough of. We met at Beauty Shop which is also in my neighborhood, within walking distance. Yes, I’m a walking advertisement for Cooper Young. Move here. Or not. I’ll leave the choice of being awesome up to you.


Day 75, Revenge season finale. Have you become obsessed? It only took one episode and my sister and I were hooked. Day 76, I don’t claim to be a good driver. I’m horrible, actually. I speed, follow too closely, have awful road rage (in the privacy of my car, I’m not a complete raging lunatic). It’s not something I am proud of, nor is it something I’m so upset about that I feel I need to spend a lot of time trying to change. Priorities. Here’s Maddie trying to jump out the back window of my moving vehicle, obviously having used her extra strong puppy senses to pick up on my lack of decent driving skills. Dogs are so smart.


Day 77, my sister’s high school reunion was this past weekend. Our house turned into pre-party central for the Bartlett High School Class of 2002, seen here taking over our kitchen/dining room. Luckily, our house escaped her reunion weekend with only one casualty: my shower curtain—which somebody apparently got into a fight with at 2 am Friday night. Poor thing, it had no chance. Drunk friend, 1. Shower curtain, 0. Day 78, I helped out at two weddings for a photographer client of mine, the second of which took place at The Peabody Skyway/Rooftop. You could literally smell the money being spent. They had saucers on the tables with butter carved into little ducks. I have no doubt that it cost more than my annual salary and therefore was absolutely beautiful.


That’s all for today. 16 images at one time is my limit. Check back tomorrow for another post (not Project 365).

– lindsey archer

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