tuesday transfers 04.23.13

As a graphic designer, I tend to design in fads. Like, I’ll discover a new font and use it in everything for about a month until I find another new font I absolutely love to the point where I start using it in everything and look back on my old designs with a why did I use that first font OHMIGOD it’s so NOT as awesome as I thought blah blah I’m so dumb. Sort of how people look back on old photographs and think to themselves, “Holy sh*t, what was I wearing? Why did I think that haircut was okay?” Except for me, it happens about once a month instead of once a decade.

Chalkboard typography happens to be the latest fad train I’ve jumped aboard. Ever since I stumbled upon the work of graphic designer, Dana Tanamachi, I’ve become obsessed with the trend. If you’ve never seen the time lapse videos of her creating some of her work, please go here now. Warning: the talent she exudes will suck you in until you’ve watched all of them.

Welcome back. So. Chalkboard typography. I’m not really all that talented with actual chalk, so I’ve tried my best to recreate the chalkboard look for today’s installment of Tuesday TransfersA few weeks back, I created a few quote art prints with my take on chalkboard typography, which you can see in the typography prints section of my Etsy Shop here. Then, I went a bit further and transferred those art prints onto wood pieces.

First up today is an Albert Einstein quote I’ve never used before:

Creativity is contagious; pass it on.

This wood piece is available in my Etsy Shop here. To keep the focus on the actual wood pieces in the Etsy listing photography, I used only white props in the background for this first piece.


Next up is one of my go-to quotes by Frank Zappa:

So many books; so little time.

For these photos, I propped the wood piece up on a few books (minus their decorative dust jackets), but kept the all-white vase in the background. I was afraid this set of photos would look too busy, but I actually like how they turned out. This wood block/bookend is available in my Etsy Shop here.


Another quote I love to design around is this great gem by Ernest Hemingway:

Write drunk; edit sober.

I mean, how else are you supposed to write/edit? Very sage advice, I must say. I accented this design with my typewriter vector. This wood piece is available in my Etsy Shop here.


It seems as though I haven’t created anything Elvis themed in a while, so I decided to play around with this popular Elvis Presley quote:

When things go wrong, don’t go with them.

For added design, I included a vector of an Elvis Presley silhouette I created (available in a marble tile coaster set here) about a year ago. Can you tell I re-use vectors a lot? This wood block is available in my Etsy Shop here.


Again, to see all of these wood pieces as simple prints, visit the typography prints section of my Etsy Shop here. To see more of my Tuesday Transfers posts, you can follow this thread here and scroll down.

Thanks to a few friends, my sister and I were able to replenish our dwindling pile of salvaged and reclaimed wood this weekend.

Say it with me. Jack. Pot.

salvaged reclaimed recycle wood into art lindsey archer

With our brother’s help, we were able to turn all of those large pieces into ready-for-art sized pieces, as shown here. That means we’re ready to start stockpiling artwork for our 2013 Cooper Young Art Festival Booth, all of which I’ll be documenting here on Tuesday Transfers.

Come back soon.

– lindsey archer

etsy friday finds 04.05.13

Welcome back to Etsy Friday Finds. I apologize for the brief hiatus. If you missed Tuesday’s post about the recent storybook baby shower I threw at my house last weekend (that monopolized every ounce of my free time over the past month…in a good way) click here.

We’ve had some pretty crappy weather in Memphis, TN, lately. It seems like it’s been rainy and dreary and cold for months longer than it was this time around last year. When I checked the weather forecast yesterday, I may have performed a teensy, tiny, extremely uncoordinated happy dance in my office (after I closed the door because I work with all men and they probably definitely would have thought I was crazy, if they don’t already).

Why? I was finally greeted with that adorable little sunshine graphic listed next to above 60° temperatures. FINALLY. I mean, I missed my first co-ed kickball game this week due to the dumb, unnecessary rain. Do you have any idea just how excited I was to play some kickball?

In honor of the beautiful spring/summer-ish weather, my latest Etsy Treasury is all about springtime. Bright yellows, greens, some birds, etc. To browse all of my Etsy Friday Finds posts, click here and follow the thread. Happy Treasury hunting.

CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to go directly to the full Etsy Treasury to explore, click around and mark your favorites. Or, you can click the images and links listed below the screenshot to go directly to each item’s listing or Etsy Shop.


#1 – yellow painted mason jars vases from etsy shop Huckleberry Vintage
#2 – Heywood Wakefield yellow children’s chairs from etsy shop Charlie’s Nest
#3 – gold foil “anything, not everything” print from etsy shop Charm And Gumption


#4 – pyramid triangle necklace from etsy shop Petite & Co
#5 – blue and green vintage book collection from etsy shop Collectors & Company
#6 – mint stone & gold lace edge statement necklace from etsy shop lovelikestyle


#7 – 1950s dress form mannequin from etsy shop jessjamesjake
#8 – geometric mountain 5×5 art wood block from etsy shop Red Tiles Studio
#9 – mint birdcages ceramic tile coasters from etsy shop little coaster gnome


#10 – vintage 1940s art deco green lamp from etsy shop charlie’s nest
#11 – yellow mandala rainbow geometry print from etsy shop the magic of hands
#12 – abstract spring tree landscape painting print from etsy shop Corissa Nelson Art


#13 – vintage bushel laundry basket w/stand from etsy shop Hunt and Found
#14 – yellow Howlite turquoise round beads strand from etsy shop Biji Bijoux


#15 – original illustrated portrait print from etsy shop Bret Pendlebury
#16 – vintage Anchor Hocking amber serving bowl from etsy shop a2ndlife vintage


Which one of these spring trend items is your favorite? Know of a great or unique Etsy Shop (I mean, there are so many)? Mention or link to it in the comments below so I can check it out for my next Etsy Treasury.

Happy Friday, everyone! The weather here in Memphis, TN, is absolutely beautiful right now. So, if you’ll excuse me…a patio with an ice cold beer is calling my name.

– lindsey archer

just call me party planner

I remember my first year out of college, it looked like a stationary store had exploded on my refrigerator. I had more Save the Dates and wedding invitations displayed on the door than actual food in the fridge. Cut to five/six years later and it seems as though most of my married friends are taking the plunge into official adulthood by helping further populate the Earth. How do I know this? Because I can’t scroll thru my Facebook feed without every other story being about my baby’s first poop or vote for my baby in the Gerber Baby Next Generation blah blah Dumbest Contest Ever!

Even though my sister and I have yet to reach either of these adult mile markers—marriage and babies—we are doing our part in contributing to our friends’ important milestones by quitting our day jobs and becoming official party planners turning our house into shower central. After a recent baby shower and wedding shower for two of my sister’s friends, it is now my turn to play host. In lieu of last week’s Etsy Friday Finds and today’s Tuesday Transfers, I’m going to share with you today what I have spent the majority of the last month planning and preparing for—a couples baby shower for two of my dearest and oldest friends, Christine and Cory.

With Christine’s request to have guests bring a children’s book in lieu of a card, I figured a storybook theme for this baby shower would be perfect—especially considering my house is already jam-packed full of books. Once settling on the theme, this shower became a group effort, as I could not have pulled it off without the help of my two wonderful co-hosts, Megan & Andrea. Thanks, guys, for staying up so late with me and for getting your hands dirty 😉

Since I’m a graphic designer by day, I chose to design and print my own baby shower invitations. With the goal of staying far away from the cliché of baby bump silhouettes and diaper-shaped cards, I focused more on my sister’s favorite phrase—shabby chic. I paired my typography obsession with a pink chevron pattern (if you couldn’t tell, Christine’s having a girl), brown kraft paper and hemp ribbon to design a more classy and chic invitation. I then carried that same design over to all the food and drink labels.

HINT: to add depth to a two-piece invitation, attach the top piece with a square of thick foam tape instead of just gluing the two pieces together. Also, kraft stores sell specialty hole punchers that punch two short slits that make tying ribbon thru invitations extremely easy!

I’m forewarning you that this post is rather long, so my feelings won’t be hurt if you skip along and look only at the pictures. As always, click on images to enlarge.


As soon as guests walked in, I had the coffee table in my front room set up with little advice cards where guests could fill in advice for baby Lydia and the parents-to-be. I designed the cards to be 4″ x 8″ so they could easily slip into an 8″ x 8″ scrapbook album (two to a page) that Christine and Cory could take home with them as a shower keepsake. It’s a great activity for a baby shower and if you’re looking for questions to include on your own advice cards, visit Pinterest. I also designed up some bookmarks as party favors, featuring a quote from children’s book author Emilie Buchwald:

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

Perfect, right? Thank you again, Pinterest.


For the baby shower menu, I only used food items I could pair up with a complementary children’s book, to keep with the storybook theme. It’s harder than you think to accomplish, so in case you’re planning your own storybook baby shower, here’s the full menu we used (feel free to copy and pretend you came up with them all by yourself):

  • red velvet cake balls for Red Riding Hood
  • ham sandwiches for Green Eggs and Ham
  • chocolate covered strawberries (white & dark) for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • apple cinnamon muffins (Christine’s favorite) for Little Miss Muffet
  • fruit arranged in a row by color for The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar
  • sausage balls for Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
  • pigs in a blanket for The Three Little Pigs
  • pink frosted cookies for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • rotel cheese dip for The Stinky Cheese Man
  • a cup of just forks with the label the dish ran away with the spoon

I bought and stained mini artist easels from Michaels to display the majority of the food cards. When I ran of out easels, I simply upturned two clothespins to hold up the rest.


My best friend and fellow baby shower host, Megan, made this lovely two-tiered pink cake as the centerpiece for the dessert table. When Googling ideas for the storybook shower, I came across book garland multiple times. For the cake topper, we made a smaller version of the book garland and strung it between two kabob sticks, which we then stuck down into the cake.


Since this was a couples shower, I made sure to include alcoholic drinks. In addition to offering beer and wine, I set up the buffet dresser in my dining room as a mimosa bar. For juice options, we had orange juice (the mimosa original), cranberry juice and raspberry lemonade. To give it more of a bar look, I cleaned out old wine bottles, removed the labels, added a patch of chalkboard paint and topped off with wine stoppers to hold two of the juices. I bought one bottle of Ginger Ale so the mom-to-be could enjoy her own virgin mimosas.

I garnished all the glasses with pink and white striped paper straws because ever since I saw them on Etsy a few months ago, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use them. They just scream shabby chic.

To tie in the storybook theme, I made a Where the Wild Things Are label for the mimosa barI also propped up all the vases (for the other tables, as well) on hardcover books. I searched my bookshelves for books that would fit in with my color scheme after slipping off the decorative paper covers.

If you’re short a large book collection to sift thru, you can simply cover any book with colored wrapping paper to fit your theme.

I borrowed my mother’s glass beverage dispenser and filled it with water, ice and cucumber slices for a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage option. Bonus: cucumbers in water just look pretty.


As you can see from the mimosa bar, as well as the mantle and ceiling shot below, I made my own book garland for added decoration. There are plenty of online tutorials out there for making book garland, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of how I did it. I paired sheets of colored card stock with slightly smaller scrapbook writing pages (you can also use photocopied or old book pages). I stacked a few sheets of each together (colored paper on the outside), folded them in half and stapled them together to form mini books. I punched a small hole in the top of each and strung them up using the same hemp ribbon from the invitations. It took a few hours and may have caused a paper cut or two, but all-in-all not very complicated.

Similar to previous parties held at my house, by simply adding a short message in chalk, the mantle chalkboard in our back office/library became gift central.


As my sister has taught me, you can’t throw a shower—be it wedding or baby—without fresh flowers. I got a great deal on the pink vases, courtesy of the clearance aisle in Michaels. I paired them with clear vases I already owned in order to display tulips and white & pink roses (a few of Christine’s favorites). For another display piece, I borrowed a candelabra from a family friend and instead of candles, I topped it with stemless wine glasses alternately filled with clear and pink glass stones, lemons and pink flowers.


As an added touch, I laid out children’s books across the high bar in my kitchen and borrowed a few book-themed stuffed animals from my nephew. For decoration, as well as a shower-parting-gift for the parents to be, I transferred cover images to wood from a few of Cory and Christine’s favorite children’s books: Harry Potter, Shel Silverstein and Cinderella. I figured they’d make a nice addition to Lydia’s growing nursery. As you can see below, Cory and Christine really enjoyed opening their presents.


Here’s me with my fellow co-hosts and the mom-to be (from left: Andrea, Christine, Megan, Me); followed by a laughing image of me with my two best friends (from left: Megan, Christine, Me); and lastly a shot of me with my sister, Kristen, since I wouldn’t have such a lovely home to host showers in if not for the other half of the Archer Creative team.


I had a blast making everything for this shower. There were a lot of late nights, group text messaging sessions and long hours spent browsing Pinterest. But to see Christine and Cory’s faces when they walked in my house on Saturday made everything worth it. As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t have pulled this shower off without the dedication from my two co-hosts, Andrea and Megan. Thank-you so much and I love you both! And thank-you to Kristen for taking all these lovely photographs. You can see more of her photography here.

I do have another shower coming up later in the summer, though this time for a wedding. So, if you have any wedding shower ideas, please send them my way or leave them in the comments below. If you’re throwing your own storybook baby shower and want to know more about anything I did here, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Kristen and I are now accepting investors to start up our own party planning business. If interested, just send money straight to my Paypal account.

Haha, just kidding. A few times a year for people we like? Sure. For a living all the time? Um, no thank-you.

– lindsey archer

tuesday transfers 03.26.13

One of my favorite things to do since I joined the world of blogging is browse the search term statistics readers have used to find my blog. Seriously. You underestimate how entertaining it is to read thru all the different phrases that have brought people here to my little corner of the blogosphere.

The phrase “purple vomit causes” has linked someone to my blog three different times. That is not a typo. Not once. Three times. And yes, the fact that three different people out in the world have experienced purple vomit to the extent they are googling the causes is definitely a reason for concern. In fact, if that is how you happened upon me today, please continue on to WebMD to determine how many months you have left to live.

When I see my full name show up in the search referral, I always secretly hope it’s not just my mom typing my name into Google because she forgot the actual web address of my blog. Though, let’s be honest. It probably is most definitely my mom.

Surprisingly, the phrase that clocks in with the most referrals is:

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Considering there’s so many people out there finding my blog after Googling this term while I’ve only written about it once before…I figured it was time to revisit this popular inspirational quote. So, that’s the topic for today’s Tuesday Transfers.

As I mentioned on Friday, this post was originally scheduled for last week, but I was a little under the weather extremely, violently ill at the time and lacked both the strength and the motivation to type anything whatsoever on my computer. Thankfully, there was no purple vomit involved, so I’m all better now. Which brings us to my latest round of art transferred to wood.

Beginning with the inspirational quote “Dreams don’t work unless you do,” I played around in Illustrator with a few different typography choices until settling on my most recent font obsession—So Thin. I then added a vector image of clouds with an arrow pointing down to the inspiration quote, sort of like the quote fell out of the cloud. Keeping to pastel hues for spring, I created both a green (PMS 374 C) and a teal blue (PMS 345 C) version.

For the blue wood block’s Etsy picture, I added in a few similar-hued vases as props in the background.


This blue version is slightly more distressed than the green and is available in my Etsy shop here.


I also added in a few props for the green salvaged wood art piece—a green vase of my sister’s and one of my favorite green book ends.


The green dreams quote art piece is available in my Etsy shop here.


I’m hoping to also make this available as a simple, 8″ x 10″ art print (not on wood), but haven’t had the time as of this posting. If searching the quote “Dreams don’t work unless you do” is what brought you here today, feel free to browse around all of my Tuesday Transfers by following this thread here.

For closing today, I thought I’d share with you the most peculiar search engine term I’ve seen on my blog’s stats so far this year.

creepy old guy in cosco

And, again, no. That was not a typo. So, watch out creepy old guy in cosco. There is someone out there searching for you.

UPDATE: I’ve created the print version of this “Dreams don’t work unless you do” wood piece as a watercolor-esque art print, as shown below. It’s available in my Etsy shop here.

dreams don't work unless you do watercolor art print memphis artist lindsey archer etsy

– lindsey archer

etsy friday finds 03.22.13

There was no Tuesday Transfers post this week. Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied worshipping the porcelain throne after being poisoned by my favorite local pub. And, no. That is not the posh new way to say hangover. I was for real sick. Awful sick. Stay-home-from-work-for-two-days sick (I don’t make a habit of missing work, so that’s a lengthy absence for me). Lesson learned? I will never again eat fish and chips. Like, ever. Like, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit even thinking about eating such a thing again.

This week’s theme for Etsy Friday Finds is traveling around the world. My sister is currently in Santa Fe, NM, and leaves again a week after she gets back to travel several different cities along the West Coast for work. I’ll be at home watching our children, Maddie and Mulligan. That means for the next month I will be living vicariously thru the presents she buys me at each of her stops.

Not that she needs it, but here are 16 Etsy finds to get her into the traveling spirit. To browse all of my Etsy Friday Finds posts, click here and follow the thread. As always, clicking on links or images below will take you directly to the listings/shops on Etsy. Happy Treasury hunting.

#1 – dream big map color photo scrabble tile print from etsy shop ooh pretty shiny
#2 – light brown mid-century train case luggage from etsy shop the white pepper
#3 – harborwalk No. 1 Boston skyline mixed media painting from etsy shop mae chevrette



#7 – postcard from France purse from etsy shop Rosies Armoire
#8 – vintage blue globes photograph from etsy shop Sweet Event tide
#9 – typographic map of the US from etsy shop Little Owl Design


#10 – vintage compass art photography print from etsy shop Melasha
#11 – canvas leather messenger bag from etsy shop boreta
#12 – vintage paris pocket map botanical pillow cover from etsy shop artanlei


#13 – custom heart map print from etsy shop Art Prints Vintage
#14 – owl travel mug from etsy shop Claylicious


#15 – mopha essential bike tool roll from etsy shop eh works
#16 – custom leather luggage tags from etsy shop Princeton Junction Forge


CLICK HERE or on the screenshot image below to go directly to the Etsy Treasury to click thru and admire your favorite items.


It’s officially March Madness. Try not to throw anything at your TVs while watching your team dribble their way to the Final Four.

– lindsey archer

etsy friday finds 03.15.13

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Before I head out to enjoy some green beer and bar food at my favorite local Irish Pub, Celtic Crossing, I wanted to share a belated Etsy Friday Finds. This week’s theme is all about the Luck of the Irish. Green, horseshoes, Guinness beer, lucky quotes, beer and some more green.

To view my Etsy Friday Finds posts from the beginning, click here and scroll to the bottom. Enjoy!

#3 – lemon green beanie hat from esty shop caramel knits
#9 – medium footed green bowl from etsy shop Land M Studio
CLICK HERE or on the screenshot image below to go directly to the Etsy Treasury to click thru and admire your favorite items.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Memphis. Good luck with your hangover tomorrow.

– lindsey archer

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