project 365 | days 215 thru 234

Now that Christmas & New Year’s are over, I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great holiday. Wonderful, actually. It’s just…after all the holiday parties, birthdays (I have too many friends/relative with Birthdays that fall within a week of Christmas), shopping, gift making, gift wrapping, Etsy Shop tending, cooking, drinking, etc., I feel like I need a week’s vacation just to recuperate my energy. Or just 24 hours to sleep. THAT’s what I should have asked for this year. Sleep.

Regardless, my holiday was fantastic. I spent time with family. I ate some great food. I attended some great parties. I got all I wished for and hope you did, as well. Now it’s time to catch up on to some Project 365. To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts (more than once). Today we’re starting with Day 215. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 215, I just realized it has been almost a year since I’ve had my hair cut, which is why I seem to have more split ends than healthy ends. Excuse me for a second while I go make a hair appointment. Day 216, in case you didn’t know, Target is a black hole. On this day, I believe I went in to buy one single package of cat food. On my direct route to reach the pet product section, I had to stop off first and browse the greeting cards for almost an hour, which happened to be across the aisle from the hair care products, which led me to picking up some new shampoo, which got me to thinking about new accessories for my bathroom, which is why I left with a month’s supply of toilet paper and an entire set of new towels. Black hole…or the smartest retail store layout EVER?

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-215 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-216

Day 217, one of my closest college friends—a sorority sister I hadn’t seen in almost 4 years—came in town for the weekend to visit. After picking her up from the airport, we began at my favorite neighborhood Irish Pub, Celtic Crossing, for a round or two of drinks. Day 218, there just so happened to be a Beer Festival (Cooper Young Regional Beerfest) less than two blocks from my house, so of course I happily dragged her there before later walking back home to watch our alma mater (Mississippi State) beat Tennessee, 41-31.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-217 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-218

Day 219, we rounded out my friend’s weekend in Memphis with brunch down the street at The Beauty Shop. I had so much fun, Kish, & I miss you already. Maybe next time, I’ll actually take you out of my neighborhood. Day 220, this is what happens two hours after gifting Maddie with a new toy. She’s only 45-ish lbs, and yet she destroys chew toys faster than my parents’ 80 lb. behemoth, Bogey. Kristen and I were picking up stray pink strands from every random corner of our house for weeks.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-219 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-220

Day 221, looking for the best toasted ravioli in Memphis? Visit Dino’s Grill in midtown, located on N. McLean. Plus, they have all-you-can-eat-spaghetti every Thursday night. Day 222, I put our mantle chalkboard to good use when Kristen’s friends Trish & Brian came to stay with us. I then became super lazy and left that welcome message up there for about two months.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-221 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-222

Day 223, everyone always says my sister and I look extremely alike. We get asked all the time whether or not we’re twins. While I agree there is some family resemblance between the two of us, the only attributes that are identical are our voices. When you talk to us on the phone, it’s basically like talking to the same person. Day 224, ever since I moved to Midtown (about five years ago), my favorite local Mexican restaurant has been Molly’s la Casita. Forewarning, their margaritas will put you on the floor.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-223 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-224

Day 225, my sister attended Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), while I attended Mississippi State University (MSST). Even though she could care less about football, I love the bragging rights that came with this absolute athletic domination. SEC all the way. Day 226, Maddie has recently decided our home isn’t good enough for her and begun the daunting task of digging her way to China. I’ll let you know if she at least makes it to the neighbor’s yard.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-225 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-226

Day 227, I forced Kristen to watch the Presidential debates with me. I’ve already touched on my stance with discussing politics, so I’ll leave it at that. Day 228, have you seen Argo? It’s the best edge-of-your-seat thriller I’ve seen in years. Kristen and I were literally on the edge of our seats throughout the movie. I was anxious and scared the entire time. I’ll be surprised if—come Thursday morning—it doesn’t receive at least a few Oscar nods. It’s a must see.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-227 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-228

Day 229, I recently finished reading the Beautiful Creatures series (also known as the Caster Chronicles), ahead of the first book’s film adaptation coming out February 2013. While this series didn’t excite me quite as much as The Hunger Games, it is better than Twilight. I think it would have been better suited as a trilogy, instead of stretching the story into four novels. A little long, but still a decent read. Day 230, I’m a horrible pool player. At least, I usually am. On this specific night at Young Avenue Deli, my partner and I won six or seven games in a row. I have no idea how this freak accident occurred, but I sure hope it happens again.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-229 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-230

Day 231, Kristen & I spent a lazy Friday night stretched out on my couch in front of the TV with our friend, Audrey, eating Swanky’s Taco Shop take-out and drinking beer. Night well spent. Day 232, Kristen and I attended the Dixon Gallery’s Art on Fire fundraiser event with my friend Jennifer. Food, beer, wine, bonfires, live music, fire performers, art, charity auction…I have a feeling this will become an annual event for me.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-231 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-232

Day 233, my family gets together every year before Halloween to carve pumpkins. Correction: my family gets together every year to watch my brother and I carve pumpkins while they eat and drink. With him being an architect and me being an artist, we typically go all out to see who can carve the better design. This year, however, I was lazy and only did the Apple logo, while he carved out the Autobot symbol from Transformers because his son is beyond obsessed with everything Transformers. My nephew freaked out and loved it. Day 234, my office got a new touch screen phone system. While I like to consider myself somewhat tech-savvy, it took me over a week to figure out how to use this thing. Which is why when I finally figured out how to access the voicemail, I had close to twenty urgent messages. #Fail.

project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-233 project-365_memphis-blogger-lindsey-archer_day-234

That’s it for today. Coming soon: another wood art post, plus a list of my favorite books read in 2012. Happy New Year!

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 195 thru 214

Because I’m still behind, I’m once again posting 20 photos today (like my last Project 365 post), instead of the usual 16 images. Bear with me. To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts (twice). Today we’re starting with Day 195. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 195, as a graphic designer, I was ecstatic to find out Aaron Draplin (from Draplin Design Co.) was stopping in Memphis, TN, at the Brooks Museum, on his Fall 2012 tour. Of course I went. Of course I bought a T-shirt. Of course I sort-of-maybe-now-want this poster for Christmas. Day 196, I went to listen to the über talented Memphis singer/songwriter, Chris Milam, at the HiTone for the release party for his latest EP. I had the privilege of collaborating with him to create the album art for Young Avenue (see proof here), which is now available. Buy it. You won’t regret it. Chris is amazing.


Day 197, have you ever watched a four-year-old play soccer? It’s highly entertaining. Especially when your brother is coaching your nephew, who is far more interested in shooting the imaginary Autobots and Decepticons transforming all around him than connecting his adorable little cleat with the black and white ball slowly rolling his way. Simply. Spectacular. Day 198, I’m not a big political talker. I find no joy in trying to force-feed my political views down someone else’s throat. Agree to disagree, I say. And that’s what I love about our country. We’re a democracy. We all have an equal say when it comes to who we want to lead our nation. You support your candidate. I support mine (as shown by the T-shirt I bought, below). We each have the freedom to vote for whomever we choose. Which, I think, makes us all pretty lucky. And, that’s all I’m going to say about politics.


Day 199, my mom saw this book sitting on top of my to read pile and asked me how I was enjoying “reading those 50 shades books.” Nope. Not even remotely in the same category, Mom. Poor poor Jasper Fforde. I am so so sorry. Day 200, I don’t speak electrician (along with other things like power tools or car mechanic or anything involving taxes). When something as crucial to our wellbeing as our thermostat breaks, it really is best if I don’t go anywhere near it. I know my weaknesses. I accept them.


Day 201, leading up to Cooper Young Festival, our house was so jam-packed with random art pieces, sanding paper, paint, etc., we didn’t have much elbow room available to actually cook. In honor of having a semi-clean house again, I cooked my sister and I some quesadillas filled with chicken, cheese, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions and whatever spices I could find in our cabinet, along with a side of spinach. Yum. Day 202, instead of finishing up cleaning my house, I took some of the CY Fest leftovers and redecorated the wall nearest my desk. I feel it was a much better use of my time.


Day 203, we had company in town, so of course we showed off our neighborhood by starting the night out with dinner down the street at Café Olé. Day 204, speaking of politics…I don’t understand how Facebook decides what to suggest on their Pages You May Like section. I’m 99% positive I currently like Obama’s FB page. Not really seeing how that goes hand in hand with liking Paul Ryan’s page. Nice try, Facebook. But, no.


Day 205, seeing Pitch Perfect has convinced my I want to be best friends with Rebel Wilson. Someone please make this happen. Also, on December 18th, I will be first in line to purchase this DVD so I can watch it over and over and over again. Yes. It was that entertaining. Day 206, you can’t see me, but I am in this photo taken at Swanky’s Taco Shop while celebrating the birthdays of two of my lovely friends. Margaritas may have been were definitely involved.


Day 207, I think we’ve established my cat is adorable. He is also the subject of the last photo taken with my now deceased iPhone 3GS. It was not hard to say good-bye. At all. Day 208, iPhone 5 is officially here. I’d like you all to take just a small moment to appreciate the major difference in these two photos below. LOOK HOW CLEAR THAT 2ND PICTURE ISI feel like my life can now be broken into two halves. Life before the iPhone 5 and after the iPhone 5. Life—as I know it—will never be the same.


Day 209, I re-stocked my to read pile for my impending vacation to visit my best friend in North Carolina. Day 210, Mulligan is poised to attack the bread as soon as it pops out of that toaster and OHMIGOD I’m sorry but I can’t get over how much better the picture quality is now that I have my iPhone 5.


Day 211, my friend Christine and I were officially bound for North Carolina to…seriously, how freaking clear is this picture? Okay. I apologize. I’ll stop. Day 212, my best friend has one of the most adorable little boys in the entire world. After going far too many months without seeing him, I fell in love all over again.


Day 213, nothing is better than staying up late to talk in person with your two best friends while watching romantic comedies. Day 214, speaking of friends, here I am sandwiched between Christine and Megan while on our way from lunch to a much-needed shopping spree. Our trip ended way too soon. I love you both.


And, that’s 20 and done. Two to three more of these and I’ll finally be caught up. Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 175 thru 194

It’s been awhile since my last Project 365 post, so I thought I’d knock one out today to try and catch up a little. Instead of the usual 16 images, I’m posting 20 photos today. Bear with me. To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts (twice). Today we’re starting with Day 175. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 175, my sister and I decided to hold a preview party to show off some of our art before the Cooper Young Festival. How did we get people to come? We bought out Cosco’s wine supply. It’s crazy how excited people get over the prospect of free booze. Day 176, here was the set up in our library for our preview party. The wine flowed, as did some of our art. Win, win.


Day 177, my youngest nephew turned one. Whether he liked it or not, his older brother was more than happy to help him eat some of his birthday cake. Such a caring big brother, reminds me so much of mine. Day 178, Kristen and I have become obsessed with salvaging wood. We’ll be driving down the road and the second one of us spots a pile discarded on the curb, we yell out at the other to pull over. Immediately. It’s like a game of who can spot it first. Riding around with us is like being stuck with two people suffering from Tourettes. Except, with a limited vocabulary, because all we scream out is “Wood!” or “Palettes!” or in some cases, “DOORS!” It’s become sort of a problem. It does make great art, though.


Day 179, it’s a rare moment when our two animals can sit within inches of each other without fighting…like cats and dogs. I had to capture it before any eyes were scratched out. Day 180, first NFL football game of the fall had Eli Manning leading the defending Super Bowl champions to its first loss of the season. Very sad day for the Giants. I yelled at the TV. Multiple times.


Day 181, it’s not often my to read pile stands at only two books tall (both of which have been read by now). So, of course I had to go spend more money at Barnes & Noble right away. Talk about a problem. If there’s a twelve step program for people who spend their entire paycheck at Barnes & Noble, I need to join. The first step is admitting your problem, right? One down, eleven to go. Day 182, this is what Mulligan does when I ask him to pose for the camera. He can go from being an adorable cat to being a stubborn little shit faster than my crappy iPhone 3GS can snap a picture.


Day 183, opening football weekend for my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs. We beat Auburn 28-10. War Eagle, what? And no, I don’t want to talk about the last two games where the Bulldogs apparently forgot how to play football. It’s too depressing and I prefer to block them out. Day 184, Kristen and I performed a practice run of setting up our Cooper Young Festival Booth on our back deck. Perfection takes practice.


Days 185 and 186, samples of some of my wood art for Cooper Young Fest. I was creating new pieces down to the final days before the Festival. I work well under pressure. It also makes me work very quickly. My fingers were raw for about a week from rubbing off all the excess paper from the ink transfers on the wood. Art is all about sacrifice.


Day 187, this is what I often see when I wake up in the mornings. In case you didn’t know, pets don’t care whether or not you’re a morning person. They also don’t care what time of day they wake you up. Crack of dawn? Sure. Three o’clock in the morning? Why not? Mulligan loves climbing on top of my chest at 6:00 am, his face inches from mine. He then emits the loudest purr known to his kind, so as to let me know he’s bored and in need of entertainment. Apparently, I live to serve him. Day 188, this was my response to Kristen when she texted me asking if I was ready for our Cooper Young Festival Booth in just two days. Obviously, I’m a natural rapper.


Day 189, remember Day 174’s photo of the day? The big ass blank canvas? This is a close-up of the finished product. Naturally, I completed it the night before the Festival. I’m a more talented procrastinator than I am painter. Day 190, our official Cooper Young Festival Booth, put together at the crack ass of dawn. Despite the fact it was an extremely long day, Kristen and I had so much fun with the booth, the festival…all of it. We can’t wait to have another booth next year. Thank you, again, to everyone who stopped by. And an even bigger thank you to all those who made a purchase. We hope to make the booth even bigger and better next year. Can’t wait.


Day 191, Maddie joined us in having a lazy Sunday after CY Fest. I haven’t been that tired in I don’t know how long. Still…definitely—definitely—worth it. Day 192, Monday Night Football with my boyfriend, Peyton Manning, and his new team, the Denver Broncos. 27-21, they lost to the still undefeated Atlanta Falcons. I may have cried. A little. It’s okay. My good friend, Justin, happened to be in town from Denver to watch it with me and brought me some bourbon to ease the pain after we finished off my six-pack. It helped. A little.


Day 193, Kristen and I packed up some wine to head over to our friends’ house to watch my other boyfriend, Matt Bomer, in his fantastic show, White Collar. If you have yet to discover the awesomeness that is White Collar…I feel sorry for you. You are depriving yourself of perfection. Day 194, I was one of the first to take advantage of the new Twitter profiles. I know. I’m so tech-savvy.


And that’s 20 and done. I still have 50 photos to get thru before I’m even close to being caught up, so check back soon for another few Project 365 posts. Until then, pray with me that my Bulldogs remember how to play football tonight against LSU. Go Dawgs.

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 159 thru 174

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, today is another Project 365 post.

To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 159. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 159, if you’ve ever tailgated at an SEC football game, then you’ve most likely played cornhole before. If you haven’t attended an SEC game, then I feel sorry for you. Why? Because we know how to party. When I recently went to Side Porch Steakhouse in Bartlett for my brother’s birthday and saw they had a mini cornhole set up on their bar, well…I fell in love with the place all over again (great steaks!). Then, I taught my four-year-old nephew how to play. It’s all about educating the next generation. Day 160, I know I’ve previously mentioned my weakness for Barnes & Noble. I might as well write them a check every other week for half of my paycheck—that’s close to how much money I spend there. Though, since my favorite B&N Bookstore closed in January 2011, I now buy most of my books online. It’s always exciting to come home and see a B&N box waiting for me on my porch.


Day 161, I love my neighborhood (Cooper Young). There’s so much to do, so many places to eat and grab a drink…all within walking distance of my front door. Kristen and I take advantage of this often, choosing this night to venture down to for sushi. Delicious. Day 162, Kristen has a talent for sniffing out yard sales. It’s like psychic magnetism or something. I can just put her on her leash, say Go! and within a few minutes…BAM! There we are on a stranger’s lawn full of fantastic treasures like this lovely trunk. Okay, not really. I don’t actually have to use a leash anymore. My sister’s way better trained than that.


Day 163 and 164 are both artwork pieces I made for Cooper Young Festival. Original acrylic paintings on canvas that I believe are both 16″ x 20″. Abstract guitar and Ticklin’ the Ivories.


Day 165, happy 27th birthday to me. Kristen and I took off work and trekked up to Nashville to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters perform at The End. Mr. Jay Brannan. His voice + guitar playing was even more beautiful in person and absolutely worth the 3 hour drive. Day 166, my family meets up for dinner for everyone’s official birthdays. Since I was out of town on the 21st, we waited and met up at Boscos the next day where my sister surprised me with this custom made cake to resemble three of my favorite books (Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas & John Green’s The Fault in our Stars). Don’t I have the best sister in the world? And in case you have an upcoming celebration in need of a cake, this lovely piece of work was made by the supremely talented Ashley from BadAsh Bakery. I highly recommend her.


Day 167, I bleed Maroon & White. And now—thanks to a little birthday present from my Mom—so does my yard. Hail State. Day 168, more Cooper Young Festival art prints, which are also currently available in my Etsy Shop. Elvis Presley + Typography = great art prints.


Day 169, I waited until the weekend to celebrate my birthday with my friends and we started it off right early Saturday morning at Memphis’ very own trampoline park. This is what Christine, Cory, Kristen, myself, Laura and Jennifer looked like after one hour of jumping our asses off. We later met up with more friends for dinner, then drinks at Celtic Crossing, where I apparently challenged a guy to a dance off. In other words, I had a fantastic birthday. Day 170, I bonded with my new duvet cover (thanks Momma & Kristen) as I thoroughly enjoyed a lazy Sunday of doing absolutely nothing but laying in bed with Mulligan.


Day 171, more Cooper Young Festival art. More original acrylic paintings on canvas. Day 172, my parents’ dog, Bogey, is a beast. A 180 lb. adorable beast. He is so fluffy I could die.


Day 173, when I work on my freelance graphic design, I can’t just sit there on my computer and design or I get bored and have trouble concentrating. So, I usually have a million other things going on at the same time. Thankfully, I invested in a huge iMac screen that allows me to concurrently work in Photoshop, Illustrator, watch Hulu (Prison Break) and track my Twitter feed. I have no idea how this makes me work better and faster, but I swear it does. To each his own, right? Day 174, I call this one Big Ass Blank Canvas. 3 1/2′ x 6′ of white space just waiting for inspiration. Once I get the images up on my portfolio/art tab, you’ll get to see what I actually turned it into. Until then, you can see a small blurb of it in one of the four random headers I now have displayed at the top of this blog (viewable in desktop version only). Hint? I now call it Big Blue.


That’s 16 and done. I’ll be working hard this weekend editing the images of my artwork to update my portfolio, so check back next week. Have a great weekend!

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 143 thru 158

Cooper Young Festival is over. It’s done. Officially. And yes, all of our hard work paid off. So, thank-you to everyone who came out to see our booth and a SPECIAL thanks to those who purchased some of our art. Our first festival was a great success for both my sister and me and we seriously can’t wait to do our next one (Suggestions? Let me know!). While I’m currently working on editing the images of our booth and leftover art, it will be a few days before I’m able to list them here on the blog and my Etsy shop. Until then, it’s time for some Project 365.

To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 143. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 143, anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with football. I won’t bore you with football statistics because if you’re like my sister, your eyes might glass over and then you might nod off before finishing the rest of this post. We can’t have that. To sum it up quickly: I love the SEC, Mississippi State, the Colts, Peyton Manning and now the Broncos. And if I’m busy on the weekends from now until the Superbowl, it’s mostly due to watching football. Day 144, my job has many wonderful perks. One of those is having lunch catered every day. On this day, my office had fresh lobster flown in from Maine. Yes, I know this is crazy. And yes, it was delicious. And because no one likes a bragger, that is all I will say on the subject, other than it is super hard to crack a lobster leg.


Day 145, girls night at Macaroni Grill with my sister, Aud & Leslie. We competed to see who could be the best fifth grader by drawing all over the table with the three cheap crayons provided by our server. We’ll call it a tie I won. Day 146, the Cooper Young Festival hosted a party at Cafe Ole to reveal it’s 25th Anniversary Poster. Here’s a small look at the various poster designs thru the years. My goal is to one year be chosen to create the design. One day.


Day 147, I am a messy painter. Instead of washing the excess paint from my brushes or wiping them against a paper towel, I often just use my hands or clothes. Some call it being lazy. I’d rather refer to it as creative genius. Day 148, Maddie is so adorable. She drives me crazy most of the time and is absolutely horribly trained, but she is just so damn cute. Right?


Day 149, Kristen and I have become experts at what she likes to call curb shopping. In this case, a more accurate description would be as follows: driving down a ghetto-ish street, spotting a random pair of distressed doors leaning against the dumpster of an abandoned building, parking the car, counting to three, sprinting from the car to confiscate said doors, stuffing them into the trunk without shutting it to save time, all the while praying no one sees you before you can get the Hell out of there. Danger? Ha. We laugh in the face of danger. Curb shopping is awesome. Check out our new shabby chic doors. Day 150, I’ve recently reconnected with some old high school friends by being talked into joining our high school reunion committee. We’ve had so much fun catching up and hanging out together, I have renewed hope I will actually enjoy my 10 year reunion instead of freaking out about attending. I’m actually now looking forward to it.


Day 151, my Etsy Shop had a little surge that sent me to the Post Office with a whole group of orders. Keep shopping! Day 152, I’ve tweeted about Newk’s a few times in the past month which apparently put me in the running for the July Twitter Prize of which I wasn’t previously aware. Whatever. I’ll take it. Thank you, Newk’s, for the $25 gift card. I spent it wisely.


Day 153, more Cooper Young Festival art. Considering that is all I’ve been doing for the past few months, there are a lot of artwork pictures on here. I sold two of of these three. I consider that a success. Day 154, I recently had the pleasure of creating the album artwork for Memphis singer/songwriter Chris Milam’s new EP, Young Avenue. He’s amazingly talented and I had so much fun working with him. Here, I attended his show at the HiTone. If you’ve never heard him play, his record release party is this Friday night at HiTone. You can read more about him here. See you there.


Day 155, I love hats. My only complaint? Why do men’s hats get sizes while most women’s feature One Size Fits All? Spoiler: one size does NOT fit all. I have a huge brain head and find it somewhat embarrassing that I am forced to purchase all of my hats from the men’s section. It’s an issue I feel needs to be addressed. Hat designers, please take note. Day 156, I love playing golf with my Dad. My golf clubs are closely guarded by a lion, while my dad’s are looked over by whatever species of dog you think this looks like. I would call the lion my good luck charm, but I’ve never actually beaten my Dad at golf, so…maybe not.


Day 157, Jon Stewart is amazing. He managed to score the first interview with Robert Pattinson after Kristen Stewart got caught Mini-Coopering her director. This is how he explained his show to all the Twihards tuning in for the first time. This graphic came up at least ten times before Pattinson appeared. It was funny every time. Day 158, more Cooper Young Festival art. Not much else to say there.


And, that’s 16 and done. Another 16 of Project 365 is queued up to post tomorrow, so check back. I also apologize for the status of my portfolio pages. I’m currently updating/organizing them with more recent work, so bear with me for a few more days.

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi at Cooper Young Festival. It was a blast and we will definitely be back next year.

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 127 thru 142

I am behind. WAY behind. On everything, it seems. This post was supposed to go up a week and a half ago, so I send my apologies. Better late than never, right? No? My bad.

To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 127 (I still can’t believe I’m this far into it). As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 127, yes, I am one of those jack-asses who brings their own koozie to the bar. Here, I was representing Swanky’s Taco Shop while at one of my favorite local haunts, Young Avenue Deli. I also like to leave Swanky’s Taco Shop & Cheffie’s Café pens in random places for people to pick up. I think it’s rather smart. Guerilla marketing at its finest, people. Day 128, I finally designed me some personal business cards, being that I’m a graphic designer and should probably carry some of these on me at all times. Which reminds me…I need to order my personal business cards (See? I told you I was behind).


Day 129, my sister and I have turned our house into a Cooper Young Festival Workshop, a.k.a. “The Archer Lab,” a.k.a. OHMIGOD there is dust, paint & crap EVERYWHERE. One of the reasons I’m so behind on everything is because most of the hours outside of 9 to 5 10 to 6 have been devoted to All. Things. Cooper. Young (Booth D-23). That’s a lot of painting, designing, sanding, refinishing, etc. Sometimes I get restless. And when that happens, I apparently like to pretend my dining room table is like those at the Macaroni Grill. Day 130, another graphic design typography print made with scrabble tiles (that I previously blogged about here). This print is also available in my Etsy Shop here.


Day 131, my cousin recently visited, along with her three little boys. Add them to my two nephews and we had five boys under the age of seven running thru my parents’ house, which is the reason for the small toy store that developed overnight in their living room. Hanging out with crazy psycho hyper children my cousins & nephews serves only to reiterate my stance on not wanting my own children. I love them all dearly, but if I had to be around that much jumping, screaming, little-children-television-watching, human-jungle-gymming and sugar-induced-hyperactivity 24 hours a day, my head would explode. Day 132, here is one of my latest paintings, from blank canvas to almost finished. Yes, it is still sitting on my easel exactly as I left it here. Eventually it will have an abstract guitar on it. Unless I change my mind (I seriously need a few hours added into my day to get everything done before September 15th).


Day 133, my sister and I have mastered the art of distressing wood. Or, as she likes to call it, making things shabby chic. These are more pieces that will be available at Booth D-23 at CY Fest. Day 134, my family gets together for dinner at least once a week. The best meals are when my dad cooks out on the grill. Having worked in the restaurant industry for countless years, he is a ridiculously phenomenal cook. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my Dad and can cook better than yours. Filet mignon wrapped in bacon? My mouth is watering just looking at those.


Day 135, my siblings and I grew up with a trampoline in our backyard. Mostly unbeknownst to my parents, we used it to do a lot of crazy shit when we were younger. My sister and I pretending we were the next Olympic gymnasts by creating countless routines full of flips and tricks? Check. Jumping from the much higher back deck down onto the trampoline? Using said trampoline as an extended diving board into the pool? Having my older brother and his friends compete to see who could bounce my tiny ass (I was a very small child way back when, especially compared to my brother who is 6 yrs my senior) higher? Check. Check. And check. I seriously have no idea how we managed to not kill ourselves. Or, at least break a few bones. I also have no idea how I could spend practically the entire day jumping out routines without dying of exhaustion. It was a sad day when that old trampoline finally bit the dust. Though, do not fret. In case you didn’t know, Memphis has its very own trampoline park. I didn’t last 10 minutes before I had to sit down and catch my breath. OHMIGOD it was So. Much. Fun. Who knew I could still do a back layout (though not nearly as well as I used to)? My birthday is next week and I want to take all my friends there for a birthday celebration. Am I too old to do that? Who cares. I’m totally going to. Who’s with me? Day 136, Elvis Week has descended upon Memphis, TN. I have yet to venture downtown, so I’ve only come across one impersonator so far this week. But, like I blogged previously, I celebrated in my own way by designing some Elvis Presley Art Typography prints just in time for Elvis Week. You can see them all in my Etsy shop here.


Day 137, my bedtime has slowly been getting later and later as I try and catch up on everything. As you can see, Mulligan hasn’t been too thrilled with my new sleeping schedule. He sleeps on a pillow right by my head and this is the latest look he gave me when I finally slipped into bed, well beyond midnight. In case you don’t speak cat, it says I will cut you. Day 138, being that I’m one of the only artists/designers I know that does not own a sketch book to jot down all my fabulous ideas as they come to me, I finally caved and bought one. 22 days later, I’ve used seven pages. Progress, people!


Day 139, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a horrible disease, which my mother was diagnosed with at the age of 29. To help do our part, my sister and I joined her for the annual Women Against MS Luncheon, where I bought us these lovely T-shirts. It was a wonderful afternoon and I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who contributes to the fight against MS. Day 140, the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. We joined our friends for a watch party, full of country themed food and occasion appropriate drinks. I’d like to thank Kelly and Casey for this special commemorative cocktail: Michael Phelps peed in the pool. Don’t ask my why it’s blue. Maybe Phelps is so patriotic, he pisses one of the colors of our flag? GO TEAM USA! Who cares, it was delicious and I’m so sad the Olympics are already over. At least I have football to look forward to.


Day 141, after our late night celebrating the start of the Olympics (GO TEAM USA!), Kristen, Aud & I went down the street to recover at Young Avenue Deli. As you can see in this pic, we might have been a tad de-hydrated due to the previous night’s festivities. Yes, those are drinks for only three people. Our waiter smirked at our two orders of cheese sticks and one big ass quesadilla, replying with a side eye and a “where did y’all go last night?” Team USA is all about sacrifice, y’all. Sacrifice. Day 142, more wood art for CY Fest. Are you tired of me saying that, yet? Too bad. We’re still 30 days out from September 15th. I have plenty more where that came from!


That’s 16 and done. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but wish me luck that I can find time to manage a few blog posts before Monday. One can hope, right?

– lindsey archer

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