tuesday transfers 03.12.13

My sister and I recently converted our back room from a library/sitting room to a library/office. We bought a wide table from a thrift store, then refinished and repurposed it as a two sided desk to fit both of our computers (instagram image here). The back wall of the now-office features two large windows and a pair of glass doors that open out to our back deck, which gives us a nice view to look out onto when our eyes aren’t glued to our computer screens. You know what other purpose those glass doors serve? They let our dog outside.

I’m sitting here at my desk, writing this post in our library/office as Maddie is staring out of those two glass doors, longing to be outside. And now she’s barking. As part hound, Maddie has one of the loudest barks for a 50 lb. dog I have ever heard. She likes to bark and whine and howl to get your attention because she doesn’t understand that a simple paw swipe on the door is efficient enough for me to let her outside. Then, less than two minutes later, she is flinging herself against the glass door to be let back inside. Over and over again. Hard. Because apparently a zombie apocalypse has broken out in our backyard and why am I just sitting here typing on my keyboard when I should be leaping up from my chair right now to open the door for her before she is attacked by the flesh eating zombies? After a few more body slams into the door, I oblige and let her inside. She leaps around the house, goes to fart in the living room (or whatever it is she does when we’re not in there with her) and is back in front of that damn glass door within two minutes. Barking and howling and jumping to be let back out as if she has completely forgotten about the zombies outside waiting to attack her.

Rinse and repeat.

Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on writing a blog post when you have a bi-polar dog in the room with you? Obviously you do now, considering I’ve written about my new office, Maddie and the zombie apocalypse without one mention of what this blog post is supposed to be about.

So, moving on to Tuesday Thursday Transfers*. To catch up on all my Tuesday Transfers posts, go here, scroll down and start at the bottom.

This week’s photo transfer artwork is another round of tumbled marble tile coaster sets (I blogged about my first sets here). In keeping with my most recent Etsy listings, I’ve tried to include more props in the photography here (as always, click on images to enlarge).

First up is my favorite Ernest Hemingway writing quote:

Write drunk; edit sober

Just like my first coaster sets, these coasters are made by transferring custom graphic images to tiles of tumbled marble. I did these coasters in three shades of green, since we’re coming up on St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday. And because green is my favorite color. I also added in my great-grandfather’s vintage Underwood typewriter as an accent for the Etsy listing photography. This set is available in my Etsy shop here.


I previously made a set of colored Elvis Presley coasters, but I wanted to keep this one simple. So, I kept to a black and white theme. Since I don’t own a guitar, blue suede shoes or any other Elvis memorabilia, these photos didn’t include any accents. Just Elvis coasters. These are available in my Etsy shop here.


For this next coaster set, I took a vector graphic of a vintage typewriter and added it to three colorful backgrounds. I figured the pastel blue, mint and yellow-green hues were perfect for the spring/Easter season. These are listed in my Etsy shop here.


Next up, who doesn’t love wine? For this marble coaster set, I drew up three vectors of different shaped wine glasses in Adobe Illustrator and paired them with coral/orange and shades of mint green. Then, of course, I grabbed three wine glasses from my cupboard to use as photography props for the Etsy listing. You can view them in my Etsy shop here.


That’s all I have for today (sorry Tuesday Transfers is on Thursday this week). Next week’s transfer series will be all about this quote:

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Also, check back tomorrow for my latest Etsy Treasury. It’s either going to be about traveling or St. Patrick’s Day. I haven’t decided. Now, excuse me. Maddie wants to go play outside with the zombies.

– lindsey archer

*I apologize for the erratic nature of this blog post’s opening. My dog is crazy.


tuesday transfers 01.29.13

I’m in the process of establishing a routine rhythm for my blogging schedule. Others refer to it as consistency. I know. Crazy concept, right?

To launch this newfound consistency, I’ve decided to introduce two new blog series that will hopefully help me keep to some sort of regular writing schedule. The first of which premieres today—as you may have noted by today’s blog title—called Tuesday Transfers.

I really wanted to post these on Mondays so I could call them Monday Morning Wood because apparently I have the mental maturity of a 13-year-old boy and that title makes me giggle. Every time. Then I decided it would probably be best for everyone if I went with something a little less prepubescent boy and a little more grown-up adult woman.

So, Tuesday Transfers it is.

This new blog series is going to be all about my art pieces. Due to the fact I physically transfer images to wood and other surfaces to produce these art pieces, the title fits.

My sister and I are hoping to participate in more than just the Cooper Young Art Festival this year. For this, we’re going to need a substantial inventory to keep up with what we hope will be an increase in sales. By posting finished products weekly here on my blog, I’m hoping it will keep me from my usual artistic process of wait until the last minute. That’s the goal, at least.

If you want to learn more about my actual process of transferring images to wood, you can view my blog post about it here.

First up today, we have two pieces featuring one of my favorite—as well as most popular—quotes:

So many books, so little time.  – Frank Zappa

Unfortunately, this red piece has already sold.




This version with black graphics against a yellow painted background is available in my Etsy Shop here.




Next up are two of my Memphis Typography pieces, the first of which is comprised of 31 words/phrases that encompass the attractions and hot spots of my lovely hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. With blue and black ink on a painted white background, this block features the following phrases:

Levitt Shell, Memphis, Beale Street, Tigers, Grizzlies, Autozone Park, FedEx Forum, National Civil Rights Museum, Elvis Presley, Graceland, B. B. King’s, Rock-n-Roll Blues, Memphis Cotton Exchange, Arcade Restaurant, Redbirds, The Zoo, Lorraine Motel, Stax Museum, Sun Studio, Orpheum Theatre, BBQ Fest, Poplar Ave., Memphis in May, Pink Palace, Botanic Gardens, Huey’s Restaurant, downtown, midtown, The Pyramid, Mud Island & the Peabody.

As these usually don’t last very long in my Etsy Shop, this one sold last week.



This next version features only black graphics on a teal painted background. Slightly larger in size, this block is more for hanging on the wall, as opposed to resting on a mantle or bookshelf like the white/black/blue piece. To fit the different size and shape, I switched around the typography and added in a few places, resulting in 33 total Memphis places:

Levitt Shell, Memphis, Beale Street, Tigers, Grizzlies, National Civil Rights Museum, FedEx Forum, Autozone Park, Elvis Presley, Graceland, B.B. King’s, Rock-n-roll Blues, Memphis Cotton Exchange, Arcade Restaurant, Redbirds, The Zoo, Lorraine Motel, Stax Museum, Orpheum Theatre, BBQ Fest, Poplar Ave, Memphis in May, Pink Palace, Botanic Gardens, Huey’s Restaurant, Downtown, Midtown, Mud Island, the Peabody, The Pyramid, Sun Studios, Cooper Young, & Mississippi River.

This Memphis wood block is available in my Etsy Shop here.




I don’t know why I’ve recently become obsessed with the birds on a wire theme, but I absolutely love it. Which makes no sense considering I hate real, live birds almost as much as I hate wiener dogs (a lot). Both are yappy and annoying.

This block features black graphics transferred to a painted blend of gray, yellow and white. It actually matches my recently updated bathroom perfectly, where it is currently hanging until it sells in my Etsy Shop here.



That’s all the wood pieces I have for today. To view my full Etsy Shop, you can click here.

Check back this Friday for the premiere of my next blog series—Etsy Friday Finds.

– lindsey archer

salvaging quotes

I’ve written briefly about how my sister and I use only salvaged wood to make our art pieces. It all started because we were being cheap and the quality unfinished wood at Lowe’s and Home Depot is a lot more expensive than one might think. Add that to the fact everyone and their mother were pinning projects made from reclaimed palettes all over Pinterest, we thought…we’re artistic. Why aren’t we doing this?

Plus—bonus—now we get to say we use recycled wood because we’re trying to save the environment, yadda, yadda, Go Green! It’s a win-win, really.

At first, leading up to Cooper Young Festival, we would simply drive around our neighborhood, tires screeching against the pavement for every random pile of scrap wood or discarded palette that caught our eye. Similar to how we happened upon our vintage doors, most of it had to do with luck. As is the custom with luck…it eventually runs out. That’s when we realized we needed to develop a smarter approach to our wood collecting venture.

Solution? We started stalking contractors.

Okay, stalking is a strong word. We’ll go with lightly following.

We have a friend whose boyfriend does some construction/contracting on the side that we have taken to calling weekly to see if one of his side jobs happens to be throwing out any wood anytime soon. The first time we called, he was building a deck for someone out of beautiful cedar wood and didn’t need any scrap pieces that ended up being cut down to under 6 ft. Uh…can you say, jackpot?

The art I’m about to show is salvaged from his latest project (a front porch, maybe?). I still can’t believe people throw this quality of wood out on the street to be picked up with the weekly garbage.

If you’d like an insight into how exactly I make this art, keep reading. Otherwise, just skip the next four paragraphs and enjoy the pictures (as always, click on images to enlarge).

After having my dad cut the wood down to manageable art pieces, I start off by sanding the unfinished wood as smooth as I can get it. I then stain the back and sides/edges in a red oak finish, while painting the front either white or a color, depending on the graphic I plan on transferring to it. I print the graphics and/or images in reverse from a laser printer (FedEx Office uses laser printers and is relatively cheap if you’re like us and don’t own one—inkjet printers won’t work because the ink is water soluble) on standard copy paper (thinner, the better). Once all the paint and stain has dried, I apply a generous coat of gel medium to the front and flatten the image (facedown) onto the wood.

After letting the image sit overnight, I take a wet rag to the wood to gently rub off the paper fibers. The gel medium works to absorb the ink from the image, which is what you’re left with on the wood after all the paper fibers are rubbed off.

Once all the paper is rubbed off, I distress the wood by hand with sanding blocks to give it that vintage, shabby chic look. Finally, I top off each piece with a final protective coating of polyurethane and I’m done!

The whole process is tedious and can sometimes be rather time-consuming. On numerous occasions, my sister and I have come extremely close to hiring someone to pre-sand our salvaged wood, because depending on how large of a collection we gather from our friend, it can take hours upon hours to get all the pieces smooth. Also, sometimes the paper acts like a clingy boyfriend and refuses to let go easily. I’ve scraped my fingers raw multiple times in my attempts to get the paper fibers completely off the wood. Though, overall, I still believe the finished products make the process worth it. Every time.

First up today, my Memphis City Typography on wood. The dark stain really brings out the detail in the wood, as you can see in the image of the back.


Here’s a full front view and a close-up. This piece has already sold, but I plan on making some more over the next week or two.


Next up are two larger but thinner pieces on which I applied Dr. Seuss and Oscar Wilde quotes.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Suess

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde

These two pieces are available in my Etsy Shop here (orange) and here (green).




And because I’m obsessed with books, I had to add in one using my favorite quote about reading, by Frank Zappa.

So many books, so little time. -Frank Zappa

I think the Harry Potter books as props add a nice touch to these images (who hasn’t read and fallen in love with Harry Potter?). This piece is available in my Etsy Shop here (books not included).


I love the back of this piece. Some may see it as damaged, but I think it adds character and makes the piece more interesting.


I saved my favorite for last. A typewriter vector graphic paired with everyone’s favorite Hemingway quote about writing.

Write drunk; edit sober. -Ernest Hemingway

Such great advice, Hemingway. This piece is available in my Etsy Shop here.




That’s it for today. Check back soon for some of my paintings transferred to wood. Then, next week I’m planning on catching up on my Project365 posts. Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

loose ends in my etsy shop

Cooper Young Festival may be over, but I’m still creating art.

It’s no secret I’m book obsessed. And since I recently started collecting bookends, I figured…why not make some of my own?

In the months leading up to Cooper Young Festival, my sister and I stockpiled quite the salvaged wood collection. You’d be surprised by how much wood people throw out on the street. Cedar wood. Wood Palettes. Huge two by fours. The only problem? If I wanted to make bookends or art pieces, the wood would need to be cut down. And, well…I’m not so good with powertools. Seriously. I hear the sound of a power saw and my eyes squeeze shut automatically. Which is obviously the safe reaction. Right? Every time, too. You may hear a simple power drill, but I hear Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Except, in Tennessee. So, I guess, Tennessee Chainsaw Massacre. It’s unhealthy. I know. But what can you do?

Well, you can do what my sister and I did. Beg your Dad to spend a few hours every other weekend sawing two by fours and planks of cedar down into various small pieces so you could create art. Of course he said yes (we love you, Daddy).

Once I had wood blocks in the correct size, I painted them, transferred the ink from various graphic design & painting prints via a gel medium, distressed the edges with a sanding block and topped them off with a protective coating of polyurethane.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to the latest additions to my Etsy Shop: wood block bookends (as with the Project 365 posts, click on images to enlarge).

First up, the black and teal typewriter. Teal paint + a simple black vector graphic of a vintage typewriter. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


Next up, green guitars. Green paint + black vector graphics of a few different guitar ends. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


Next up, perfect for any tech geek, I give you the Three Finger Salute. AKA…Ctrl Alt Del (every computer user’s favorite three keyboard keys). Teal paint + some simple typography. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


For my next bookend, I used a print of one of my original acrylic paintings of the Memphis Bridge (you can see it hanging in my house here). Black and white paint + bridge painting print image transfer. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


Then, I can’t do a Memphis bookend without creating one with Memphis’s best zip code. Green paint + black 38104 (midtown Memphis) typography. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


And because I had some longer wood block pieces to work with, I made two simple home decor pieces (they were slightly too large for bookends). White and teal guitar accent and a Warhol-esque version of my original acrylic Memphis trolley painting (see the original in my house here). These two pieces are also available in my Etsy Shop here and here.



Coming up soon, I’m going to show you a few of my original acrylic paintings, followed by a Project 365 post or two. Also, there’s this little thing called National Novel Writing Month coming up in 9 days.

Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 127 thru 142

I am behind. WAY behind. On everything, it seems. This post was supposed to go up a week and a half ago, so I send my apologies. Better late than never, right? No? My bad.

To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 127 (I still can’t believe I’m this far into it). As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 127, yes, I am one of those jack-asses who brings their own koozie to the bar. Here, I was representing Swanky’s Taco Shop while at one of my favorite local haunts, Young Avenue Deli. I also like to leave Swanky’s Taco Shop & Cheffie’s Café pens in random places for people to pick up. I think it’s rather smart. Guerilla marketing at its finest, people. Day 128, I finally designed me some personal business cards, being that I’m a graphic designer and should probably carry some of these on me at all times. Which reminds me…I need to order my personal business cards (See? I told you I was behind).


Day 129, my sister and I have turned our house into a Cooper Young Festival Workshop, a.k.a. “The Archer Lab,” a.k.a. OHMIGOD there is dust, paint & crap EVERYWHERE. One of the reasons I’m so behind on everything is because most of the hours outside of 9 to 5 10 to 6 have been devoted to All. Things. Cooper. Young (Booth D-23). That’s a lot of painting, designing, sanding, refinishing, etc. Sometimes I get restless. And when that happens, I apparently like to pretend my dining room table is like those at the Macaroni Grill. Day 130, another graphic design typography print made with scrabble tiles (that I previously blogged about here). This print is also available in my Etsy Shop here.


Day 131, my cousin recently visited, along with her three little boys. Add them to my two nephews and we had five boys under the age of seven running thru my parents’ house, which is the reason for the small toy store that developed overnight in their living room. Hanging out with crazy psycho hyper children my cousins & nephews serves only to reiterate my stance on not wanting my own children. I love them all dearly, but if I had to be around that much jumping, screaming, little-children-television-watching, human-jungle-gymming and sugar-induced-hyperactivity 24 hours a day, my head would explode. Day 132, here is one of my latest paintings, from blank canvas to almost finished. Yes, it is still sitting on my easel exactly as I left it here. Eventually it will have an abstract guitar on it. Unless I change my mind (I seriously need a few hours added into my day to get everything done before September 15th).


Day 133, my sister and I have mastered the art of distressing wood. Or, as she likes to call it, making things shabby chic. These are more pieces that will be available at Booth D-23 at CY Fest. Day 134, my family gets together for dinner at least once a week. The best meals are when my dad cooks out on the grill. Having worked in the restaurant industry for countless years, he is a ridiculously phenomenal cook. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my Dad and can cook better than yours. Filet mignon wrapped in bacon? My mouth is watering just looking at those.


Day 135, my siblings and I grew up with a trampoline in our backyard. Mostly unbeknownst to my parents, we used it to do a lot of crazy shit when we were younger. My sister and I pretending we were the next Olympic gymnasts by creating countless routines full of flips and tricks? Check. Jumping from the much higher back deck down onto the trampoline? Using said trampoline as an extended diving board into the pool? Having my older brother and his friends compete to see who could bounce my tiny ass (I was a very small child way back when, especially compared to my brother who is 6 yrs my senior) higher? Check. Check. And check. I seriously have no idea how we managed to not kill ourselves. Or, at least break a few bones. I also have no idea how I could spend practically the entire day jumping out routines without dying of exhaustion. It was a sad day when that old trampoline finally bit the dust. Though, do not fret. In case you didn’t know, Memphis has its very own trampoline park. I didn’t last 10 minutes before I had to sit down and catch my breath. OHMIGOD it was So. Much. Fun. Who knew I could still do a back layout (though not nearly as well as I used to)? My birthday is next week and I want to take all my friends there for a birthday celebration. Am I too old to do that? Who cares. I’m totally going to. Who’s with me? Day 136, Elvis Week has descended upon Memphis, TN. I have yet to venture downtown, so I’ve only come across one impersonator so far this week. But, like I blogged previously, I celebrated in my own way by designing some Elvis Presley Art Typography prints just in time for Elvis Week. You can see them all in my Etsy shop here.


Day 137, my bedtime has slowly been getting later and later as I try and catch up on everything. As you can see, Mulligan hasn’t been too thrilled with my new sleeping schedule. He sleeps on a pillow right by my head and this is the latest look he gave me when I finally slipped into bed, well beyond midnight. In case you don’t speak cat, it says I will cut you. Day 138, being that I’m one of the only artists/designers I know that does not own a sketch book to jot down all my fabulous ideas as they come to me, I finally caved and bought one. 22 days later, I’ve used seven pages. Progress, people!


Day 139, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a horrible disease, which my mother was diagnosed with at the age of 29. To help do our part, my sister and I joined her for the annual Women Against MS Luncheon, where I bought us these lovely T-shirts. It was a wonderful afternoon and I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who contributes to the fight against MS. Day 140, the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. We joined our friends for a watch party, full of country themed food and occasion appropriate drinks. I’d like to thank Kelly and Casey for this special commemorative cocktail: Michael Phelps peed in the pool. Don’t ask my why it’s blue. Maybe Phelps is so patriotic, he pisses one of the colors of our flag? GO TEAM USA! Who cares, it was delicious and I’m so sad the Olympics are already over. At least I have football to look forward to.


Day 141, after our late night celebrating the start of the Olympics (GO TEAM USA!), Kristen, Aud & I went down the street to recover at Young Avenue Deli. As you can see in this pic, we might have been a tad de-hydrated due to the previous night’s festivities. Yes, those are drinks for only three people. Our waiter smirked at our two orders of cheese sticks and one big ass quesadilla, replying with a side eye and a “where did y’all go last night?” Team USA is all about sacrifice, y’all. Sacrifice. Day 142, more wood art for CY Fest. Are you tired of me saying that, yet? Too bad. We’re still 30 days out from September 15th. I have plenty more where that came from!


That’s 16 and done. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but wish me luck that I can find time to manage a few blog posts before Monday. One can hope, right?

– lindsey archer

project 365 | days 111 thru 126

I’m taking a break from all the Cooper Young Festival art updates for a different kind of update.

Yes. I’m still plugging away on Project 365. Since I’m way behind on the recap, there will hopefully be another Project 365 post later this week. To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 111. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 111, I think these types of towels are manufactured to see how many times they can make adults go “awwwwwwwwwwwww!” Like, you can’t look at my little nephew here and not absolutely fall in love with him. Unless you have no soul. And this just in: Babies. Weigh. A. Lot. I can’t hold that little chunker for more than five minutes before I have to pass him along to someone else. What? I told you. I’m not good with babies. Day 112, dinner and drinks at Slider Inn, whose slogan reads, “Nice and Easy.” Slider Inn. Nice and Easy. There are so many different ways I could go with that (insert that’s what she said joke here), I would rather just allow you to use your own imagination.


Day 113, I’m a woman. Of course I saw Magic Mike opening weekend with a group of 14 or so friends. Obviously, we all loved it. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough Matt Bomer. You can never have enough of perfection. Day 114, this is what the side of my parents’ pool looks like when my four year old nephew goes over to swim. We have more water guns than total members of our extended family.


Day 115, as a graphic designer, I have a really hard time sticking with one blog design. I get sick of it after about two or three weeks and decide it’s time for a re-design. I can’t help it. It’s ingrained into my DNA. I’m actually surprised this design is still currently on the blog as of this post. No promises if you check back in a week. Day 116, this is what my office parking lot looked like the day before the July 4th holiday. I was literally the last person there. I guess it’s because I’m just such a hard worker. Yeah, we’ll go with that one.


Day 117, Happy 4th of July! I celebrated with friends, family, lots of hyper children, BBQ, enough random dips & appetizers to feed a small army and of course some Coors Light encased in my Alma Mater. Hail State! Day 118, every time I paint, I use the same acrylic art palette to mix all my colors. When the paint starts to get too thick and clumpy and distracting, I simply scrape it off with a razor blade and it’s like I have a brand new palette. By the look of it right now, it’s about time for a scraping. Oh, and apparently, the last thing I painted was the color of diarrhea. Either that, or Mulligan (seen here lounging in the background) is very sneaky.


Day 119, this was the week my sister went out of town to visit friends in Nashville and took the terror puppy with her. Similar to the previous picture, Mulligan reveled in his unlimited freedom. He finally got rid of the slobbery hyper thing with big paws and rank breath (not you, Kristen)! I don’t think he was very pleased when Maddie trotted back in after only a week. Day 120, whenever my mom has dinner/evening plans that don’t involve my dad, my sister and I take him out so he won’t end up sitting at home with a Hungry Man Dinner or a chicken pot pie. With Kristen gone, I ended up taking him to Genghis Grill so he could escape the ladies night of daiquiris and wine taking place in his kitchen. I cherish my father-daughter date nights and I think he was very thankful.


Day 121, I love my lazy Sundays. Lazy Sundays without the puppy dropping slobbery duck squeaker toys and rubber tug of war rings in my lap every five minutes? Perfection. Mulligan agrees. Day 122, I got my latest book from Barnes & Noble in the mail: Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL. I can’t say enough how ridiculously awesome this book is. If you’re tired of the poorly written mommy porn currently sitting atop the Bestseller list, go out and buy this book. Immediately. Beautiful writing, real characters, humor, suspense, shocking twists & turns that manipulate and guide you thru this amazing story…if I hear another person rave about 50 Shades of Suck, I will smack them atop the head with Gillian Flynn’s masterpiece of a novel. At 415 pages, it’s a pretty hefty hardcover, so watch out. Read it.


Day 123, have you heard my sister and I have a booth at the 2012 Cooper Young Festival? I’ve been working non-stop designing some typography prints to sell. Here, I made a Cooper-Young specific typography “city print” full of places and things around my wonderful neighborhood. It’s listed in my Etsy shop here and I’ve blogged about it before here. September 15th can’t come soon enough. Day 124, since I was planning on opening up an Etsy shop and needed new business cards for the art festival (and because I call myself a graphic designer), I figured it was time to get serious about creating myself a personal logo. I’ve toyed around with various designs in the past, but could never decide or stick with one (cough, like my blog design, cough). I think I’ve finally found one I really like. It incorporates my initials (LEA), my art (paintbrush) and my writing (scroll pen tip). Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with this one for a while.


Day 125, I officially launched my Etsy Shop. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback and please keep shopping :). Day 126, ah…the terror puppy. The cute-adorable-little-devil that recently chewed up my fairly new Toms. I’ve written before about Maddie’s talent for tapping out SOS messages on our back door (go here). For some reason, she thinks the only way to get our attention to let her inside is to jump like a track star and fling her entire body into our glass door. I mean, why go with a simple bark when you can display your olympian level high jump skills? Why go for a simple scratch of the paw when you can leap high enough to collide the entire underside of your body with the door? She’s so talented. Are there puppy olympics? Because I volunteer Maddie for the High Jump. And if there is a category for Who has the hardest body of puppy steel, I volunteer her for that one, too. Bring home the gold, Maddie.


That’s 16 and done. Since I’m currently on day 146, I’ve got more Project 365 on the way this week. Stay tuned!

– lindsey archer

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