etsy friday finds 02.15.13

Welcome to my third attempt at Etsy Friday Finds. If you missed the first two installments and have no idea what an Etsy is, go here.

As you may have noticed, I wasn’t able to post a Tuesday Transfers this week. I’ll make next week’s post extra long to make up for it. Hopefully. I just simply ran out of time this week.

Which brings us to my theme for this week’s Etsy Treasury. Time. We never have enough of it, right? From clocks to watches, typography to photography, even a little Doctor Who…this week’s Etsy Friday Finds is rather an eclectic mix.

So, while you recover from your Valentine’s Day Hangover and continuously flick your eyes in the direction of the office clock to see if it finally reads 5:00 pm, here’s a list to start you on the black hole journey that is Etsy Browsing (clicking on either the descriptions or the images will take you directly to the item’s listing on Etsy). You’re welcome.

#1 – Time to try defying gravity poster from shop Raw Art Letterpress
#2 – Soviet Vintage alarm clock from shop Soviet Watches
#3 – Once upon a time photography from shop Placefulness


#4 – Clock stud earrings from shop ShoShana Art
#5 – Siamese green clock coin purse from shop Octopurse
#6 – Time you enjoy wasting Poster from shop Posters and Much More


#7 – Time etched brass book necklace from shop Enchanted Objects
#8 – Morrisey Good Times Typography Letterpress from shop Polka Design Shop
#9 – Womens leather vintage wrist watch from shop Let Time Stop


#10 – Best of Times Thank You postcard from shop Here My Dear
#11 – London Big Ben Photography from shop Keri Bevan
#12 – Time Square Vintage New York City Photography from shop Affinity Art


#13 – About Time original still life oil painting from shop Kim Dow
#14 – Doctor Who Tardis iPhone case from shop After Images


#15 – Seemed like such a good idea at the time journal from shop The Black Spruce
#16 – So many books, so little time pendant necklace from shop The Pendant Emporium


CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to go directly to the full Treasury List.


Of these 16 time inspired items, which is your favorite? Have an Etsy shop or item you absoutely love? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

Check back next week for some Project 365 and more Tuesday Transfers.

– lindsey archer


etsy friday finds 02.08.13

Welcome to the second installment of Etsy Friday Finds. If you missed the opener and have no idea what an Etsy is, go here.

As I hinted earlier this week, my second Etsy Treasury is all about the color mint green. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I further labeled this list mint to be. Please don’t vomit on your screen from the cheesiness.

Mint green is about the only attribute these items have in common, as they range from furniture to photography, art prints to vintage clothing, mason jars to jewelry…it has a little of everything.

Without further adieu, here are this week’s Etsy Friday Finds (clicking on either the descriptions or the images will take you directly to the item’s listing on Etsy):

#1 – shabby chic mint green side table from shop RORO decor
#2 – seashore rustic jewelry holder from shop geaugaroots
#3 – go play outside graphic print from shop Jump Off The Page


#4 – mint green rhinestone vintage ring from shop Dewdrops Dreams
#5 – vintage mason jar glass shaker from shop Beach Blues
#6 – mint stone necklace w/gold chain from shop AME jewels


#7 – key hook wood wall vase from shop Old New Again
#8 – vintage supply cabinet chest of drawers from shop Rusty Spoke
#9 – 1950s vintage floral sundress from shop When Decades Collide


#10 – bijou mint & ivory sheer lace clutch from shop Davie and Chiyo
#11 – rustic barn photography on canvas from shop laugh love photo
#12 – vintage bronze knot ring from shop The Angry Weather


#13 – birds on a wire necklace from shop Beauty Spot
#14 – sandy birch trees textured painting from shop kristend12


#15 – green & white striped ceramic coasters from shop little coaster gnome
#16 – golden autumn tree on blue sky photography print from shop Carolyn Cochrane


CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to go directly to the full Treasury List.


Of these 16 mint items, which is your favorite? Have an Etsy shop or item you absoutely love? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

I’m heading out to play my first round of golf in 2013 this Saturday. Wish me luck I’ll hit at least one fairway. Happy Friday. See you back here next week for a D-Day Valentine’s Day themed Transfer Tuesday.

 – lindsey archer

etsy friday finds 02.01.13

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m in the process of establishing a routine rhythm for my blogging schedule. To help me do this, I’m introducing two new blog series, the first of which premiered earlier this week—Tuesday Transfers.

The second blog series premieres today—Etsy Friday Finds.

While I may be a new seller on Etsy, I’ve been browsing the e-commerce website for years. It still amazes me when I meet people who have never heard of the site. I say etsy, they say bless you and hand me a tissue.

So, for those who just grabbed me a box of kleenex, Etsy is a website that allows individuals to sell vintage or handmade items (art, photography, clothing, jewelry, etc.) thru their own personal shops.

Etsy features different items on its homepage thru Treasury Lists, ever-changing, member-curated shopping galleries comprised of lists of items. Members can create a themed collection or feature their favorite items (up to 16) from all over the site.

To show my support of Etsy and all the wonderful creative people who run the individual shops, I’ve decided to create my own treasury lists and feature them here on the blog every Friday. This first week doesn’t exactly have a specific theme, there’s just a lot of stuff I love. FYI, clicking on either the descriptions or the images will take you directly to the item’s listing on Etsy.

#1 – Hello I Love You Photography Print from Shop WCK Photography.
#2 – Book Shop in Venice iPhone 4 case from Shop Happee Monkee
#3 – Custom Love You More Owl Pillow from Shop Vintage Affair Studio


#4 – Red Leather Clutch Bag from Shop Emili Studio
#5 – Arrested Development Valentine’s Day Card from Shop Main Street Chalk
#6 – Write Drunk Edit Sober Writers Mug from Shop Lenny Mud


#7 – MEMPHIS Photography Coaster Set from my sister’s Shop Kristen Archer
#8 – Vintage Book Collection from Shop The Vintage Cup
#9 – Creative & Art Typography Letterpress Postcard from Shop Brett Adam Wilson


#10 – Alphabet Wallet Clutch from Shop The Pokey Rose
#11 – Graphic Designer LOGOS Journal from Shop 618 Love
#12 – Maya Angelou Quote Calligraphy Journal from Shop Sparrow Nest Script


#13 – Taupe Swarovski Crystal Necklace from Shop Glitz Glitter
#14 – Why do we fall Batman Typography Print from Shop Smile Baby Studio
#15 – Thin Sterling Silver Stackable Rings from Shop Lyndy Harris


#16 – Read & Write Pair of fabric Bookends from Shop Joshua by Oak
CLICK HERE to go straight to the full Treasury List


That’s all I have for my first Treasury list. Hope you enjoyed the items. If you have your own favorite Etsy Shop or listing, leave a note in the comments and I’ll check it out.

I’m currently working on a few Project 365 posts, which will hopefully be up by Monday, depending on the outcome of the Super Bowl. If your team loses this Sunday, I’m sorry. Unless your team is the 49ers. Then I’m totally not sorry. Have a great Super Bowl weekend. Go Ravens!

– lindsey archer

PS – Be sure to check back Tuesday for the 2nd installment in the Tuesday Transfers Blog Series.

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