Molly & Scamp 05.03.14

Kristen wrote her first contribution for our new blog over at get ARCH’d. Be sure to hop on over if you’re in the mood to see some great photography from her latest engagement session. We’ll be posting over there from now on, so skip over and follow the new blog to stay updated! Thanks, Lindsey


You’ve heard from Lindsey, now it’s my turn.

Welcome to my first blog post on ARCH’d. But don’t worry. Lindsey proofread everything. While my math skills aren’t exactly what you would call stronghopefully my photography makes up for it. Here’s a sneak peak into my latest engagement photography session.



I met Molly when I was a junior in college and she was a member of our newest pledge class in Kappa Delta. Serving as the vice president membership, recruiting an awesome pledge class was especially important to me that year. Molly and I became instant friends, her sense of humor complimenting mine. I even understand how she doesn’t like having “special powers” (sorry for the inside joke).

I remember when Molly first told me about her (now) fiance Scamp following their trip to the OC. Molly and I binge-watched thirty 5 seasons of the addictive CW show in…

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