we came. we SAW. we conquered.

You may have noticed the absence of blog posts here recently. No, I haven’t just been lazy. My sister and I have been working hard to combine our two Etsy shops and blogs into one—get ARCH’d.

I wanted to thank you all for reading and following lindseyEarcher over the past few years and I hope you will continue to read all about my art, graphic design, etsy shop, writing, etc. over at the new blog. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of my equally amazing sister, Kristen, there to keep you company whenever I’m slacking.

Click over and #getARCHd at the new site!

Thanks again,


Welcome to the first official post here at get ARCH’d.

Sidenote: while the blog may be bare bones at the moment, we’ll be adding pages and features to flesh out the site throughout this first month. Come back often. We are Kristen (my sister) and Lindsey (me) Archer. For the quick about us version, visit our about page here.

Kristen and I are proud to announce the recent purchase of one of our first power tools. Behold the miter saw:

Circular Saw Ryobi Wood Art Kristen Lindsey Archer GetArchd-6

Technically, we also own a power drill and power sander. But we stole borrowed the power drill from our Dad’s garage, and the worst a power sander is going to do is give you a slight friction burn (that is a total guess and therefore highly inaccurate assessment). So, those don’t count.

Did you know there are three different types of saws included in Forbes’ list of the 10 Most…

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