upcycling paint

If you missed my last post about my process of salvaging wood and transferring images to wood, you can catch up here. If you don’t care about the process and only came to look at the pretty pictures, that’s okay, too.

Other than quotes and graphic design elements, I also like to transfer prints of my original acrylic paintings to wood blocks. To me, a piece of art on wood is infinitely cooler than ink on a sheet of white card stock. These pieces were all made from the same recycled pile as my salvaged quote pieces.

This first one is a print of my purple piano painting, which I like to refer to as ticklin’ the ivories. Don’t ask me why. I was just proud I actually came up with a name for one of my paintings. Far more creative than red skyline or blue guitar, don’t you think?

As you can see on this wood art piece, the transferred image doesn’t end up being an exact replica of the original artwork. I played around with the colors a bit in Photoshop. Also, some of the ink inevitably rubs off during the transfer process, giving the overall piece a distressed, vintage look (or as Kristen calls it…shabby chic). I currently have two sizes of this ticklin’ the ivories wood art available in my Etsy shop here and here.



I stain the backs and edges of all my wood pieces in a red oak finish. I love how it brings out the detail of the wood grain and knots, as you can see on the back of red bridge painting print here:


I told you I wasn’t usually very creative when it comes to naming my paintings. This one is from my acrylic painting of Memphis’s Hernando de Soto Bridge at sunset. Or sunrise. I’ll let it be whichever one you like better. This is available in my Etsy shop here (great Memphis gift idea).


Then we have the red skyline/cityscape print (view the original here). If you can come up with a more creative name for any of these pieces, please do tell. This is available in my Etsy Shop here.


I like how you can see the textured detail from the original painting—which is more noticeable in this close-up below—despite the fact this is merely a print transferred to wood.


Last up today is the Blue Memphis Bridge @ Sunset. This is in my 2nd favorite of the paintings currently hanging up in my house (which you can see here). The original acrylic painting is spread across two canvases, so I had to work a little Photoshop magic to turn it into one print. This was initially painted a few years ago as a present for my sister when she lived in Nashville. Luckily, we now live together and share basically everything, which gives me the added bonus of having this piece now hanging up in my house. This item has already sold in my Etsy Shop, but I’ll definitely be making some more in the very near future.



I’m hoping to post at least once more before Christmas (more wood prints or a Project 365), but if not…Happy Holidays to everyone!

– lindsey archer


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