project 365 | days 195 thru 214

Because I’m still behind, I’m once again posting 20 photos today (like my last Project 365 post), instead of the usual 16 images. Bear with me. To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts (twice). Today we’re starting with Day 195. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 195, as a graphic designer, I was ecstatic to find out Aaron Draplin (from Draplin Design Co.) was stopping in Memphis, TN, at the Brooks Museum, on his Fall 2012 tour. Of course I went. Of course I bought a T-shirt. Of course I sort-of-maybe-now-want this poster for Christmas. Day 196, I went to listen to the über talented Memphis singer/songwriter, Chris Milam, at the HiTone for the release party for his latest EP. I had the privilege of collaborating with him to create the album art for Young Avenue (see proof here), which is now available. Buy it. You won’t regret it. Chris is amazing.


Day 197, have you ever watched a four-year-old play soccer? It’s highly entertaining. Especially when your brother is coaching your nephew, who is far more interested in shooting the imaginary Autobots and Decepticons transforming all around him than connecting his adorable little cleat with the black and white ball slowly rolling his way. Simply. Spectacular. Day 198, I’m not a big political talker. I find no joy in trying to force-feed my political views down someone else’s throat. Agree to disagree, I say. And that’s what I love about our country. We’re a democracy. We all have an equal say when it comes to who we want to lead our nation. You support your candidate. I support mine (as shown by the T-shirt I bought, below). We each have the freedom to vote for whomever we choose. Which, I think, makes us all pretty lucky. And, that’s all I’m going to say about politics.


Day 199, my mom saw this book sitting on top of my to read pile and asked me how I was enjoying “reading those 50 shades books.” Nope. Not even remotely in the same category, Mom. Poor poor Jasper Fforde. I am so so sorry. Day 200, I don’t speak electrician (along with other things like power tools or car mechanic or anything involving taxes). When something as crucial to our wellbeing as our thermostat breaks, it really is best if I don’t go anywhere near it. I know my weaknesses. I accept them.


Day 201, leading up to Cooper Young Festival, our house was so jam-packed with random art pieces, sanding paper, paint, etc., we didn’t have much elbow room available to actually cook. In honor of having a semi-clean house again, I cooked my sister and I some quesadillas filled with chicken, cheese, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions and whatever spices I could find in our cabinet, along with a side of spinach. Yum. Day 202, instead of finishing up cleaning my house, I took some of the CY Fest leftovers and redecorated the wall nearest my desk. I feel it was a much better use of my time.


Day 203, we had company in town, so of course we showed off our neighborhood by starting the night out with dinner down the street at Café Olé. Day 204, speaking of politics…I don’t understand how Facebook decides what to suggest on their Pages You May Like section. I’m 99% positive I currently like Obama’s FB page. Not really seeing how that goes hand in hand with liking Paul Ryan’s page. Nice try, Facebook. But, no.


Day 205, seeing Pitch Perfect has convinced my I want to be best friends with Rebel Wilson. Someone please make this happen. Also, on December 18th, I will be first in line to purchase this DVD so I can watch it over and over and over again. Yes. It was that entertaining. Day 206, you can’t see me, but I am in this photo taken at Swanky’s Taco Shop while celebrating the birthdays of two of my lovely friends. Margaritas may have been were definitely involved.


Day 207, I think we’ve established my cat is adorable. He is also the subject of the last photo taken with my now deceased iPhone 3GS. It was not hard to say good-bye. At all. Day 208, iPhone 5 is officially here. I’d like you all to take just a small moment to appreciate the major difference in these two photos below. LOOK HOW CLEAR THAT 2ND PICTURE ISI feel like my life can now be broken into two halves. Life before the iPhone 5 and after the iPhone 5. Life—as I know it—will never be the same.


Day 209, I re-stocked my to read pile for my impending vacation to visit my best friend in North Carolina. Day 210, Mulligan is poised to attack the bread as soon as it pops out of that toaster and OHMIGOD I’m sorry but I can’t get over how much better the picture quality is now that I have my iPhone 5.


Day 211, my friend Christine and I were officially bound for North Carolina to…seriously, how freaking clear is this picture? Okay. I apologize. I’ll stop. Day 212, my best friend has one of the most adorable little boys in the entire world. After going far too many months without seeing him, I fell in love all over again.


Day 213, nothing is better than staying up late to talk in person with your two best friends while watching romantic comedies. Day 214, speaking of friends, here I am sandwiched between Christine and Megan while on our way from lunch to a much-needed shopping spree. Our trip ended way too soon. I love you both.


And, that’s 20 and done. Two to three more of these and I’ll finally be caught up. Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

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  1. Reason number 1,345,999 NOT to take photos of food… the spinach in 201 looks like worms!!! *sigh* I thought I taught you better…


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