A Shabby Chic Patio

Head on over to my sister’s blog to read her wonderful thoughts on the story of our recent patio furniture purchase. I couldn’t say it better myself!

kristen archer

Antique Warehouse Mall on Summer Avenue. 2 weekends ago. We walk in to the smell of grilled hotdogs and chili.  Homemade cupcakes, dips, chips, the WORKS are spread out over a table with a sign that says something along the lines of “this food is free so enjoy”. One look at each other and our plates are full.  Free lunch AND antiquing in one day?! BEST. DAY. EVER. The sole purpose of us going to the Antique Warehouse Mall that day was to help a friend out with her wedding decor. We accomplished that plus some.

The interesting thing about my sister and I is that we compliment each other. Sometimes this is a good thing.  Most of the time it just makes our bank account balances drop like flies.

I give you example number one…

I say “OMG look at that patio set it’s only $95. That’s only (pause…

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