loose ends in my etsy shop

Cooper Young Festival may be over, but I’m still creating art.

It’s no secret I’m book obsessed. And since I recently started collecting bookends, I figured…why not make some of my own?

In the months leading up to Cooper Young Festival, my sister and I stockpiled quite the salvaged wood collection. You’d be surprised by how much wood people throw out on the street. Cedar wood. Wood Palettes. Huge two by fours. The only problem? If I wanted to make bookends or art pieces, the wood would need to be cut down. And, well…I’m not so good with powertools. Seriously. I hear the sound of a power saw and my eyes squeeze shut automatically. Which is obviously the safe reaction. Right? Every time, too. You may hear a simple power drill, but I hear Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Except, in Tennessee. So, I guess, Tennessee Chainsaw Massacre. It’s unhealthy. I know. But what can you do?

Well, you can do what my sister and I did. Beg your Dad to spend a few hours every other weekend sawing two by fours and planks of cedar down into various small pieces so you could create art. Of course he said yes (we love you, Daddy).

Once I had wood blocks in the correct size, I painted them, transferred the ink from various graphic design & painting prints via a gel medium, distressed the edges with a sanding block and topped them off with a protective coating of polyurethane.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to the latest additions to my Etsy Shop: wood block bookends (as with the Project 365 posts, click on images to enlarge).

First up, the black and teal typewriter. Teal paint + a simple black vector graphic of a vintage typewriter. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


Next up, green guitars. Green paint + black vector graphics of a few different guitar ends. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


Next up, perfect for any tech geek, I give you the Three Finger Salute. AKA…Ctrl Alt Del (every computer user’s favorite three keyboard keys). Teal paint + some simple typography. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


For my next bookend, I used a print of one of my original acrylic paintings of the Memphis Bridge (you can see it hanging in my house here). Black and white paint + bridge painting print image transfer. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


Then, I can’t do a Memphis bookend without creating one with Memphis’s best zip code. Green paint + black 38104 (midtown Memphis) typography. Available in my Etsy Shop here.


And because I had some longer wood block pieces to work with, I made two simple home decor pieces (they were slightly too large for bookends). White and teal guitar accent and a Warhol-esque version of my original acrylic Memphis trolley painting (see the original in my house here). These two pieces are also available in my Etsy Shop here and here.



Coming up soon, I’m going to show you a few of my original acrylic paintings, followed by a Project 365 post or two. Also, there’s this little thing called National Novel Writing Month coming up in 9 days.

Stay tuned.

– lindsey archer

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