project 365 | days 143 thru 158

Cooper Young Festival is over. It’s done. Officially. And yes, all of our hard work paid off. So, thank-you to everyone who came out to see our booth and a SPECIAL thanks to those who purchased some of our art. Our first festival was a great success for both my sister and me and we seriously can’t wait to do our next one (Suggestions? Let me know!). While I’m currently working on editing the images of our booth and leftover art, it will be a few days before I’m able to list them here on the blog and my Etsy shop. Until then, it’s time for some Project 365.

To catch up on all my Project 365 posts—starting at day 1—you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 143. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 143, anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with football. I won’t bore you with football statistics because if you’re like my sister, your eyes might glass over and then you might nod off before finishing the rest of this post. We can’t have that. To sum it up quickly: I love the SEC, Mississippi State, the Colts, Peyton Manning and now the Broncos. And if I’m busy on the weekends from now until the Superbowl, it’s mostly due to watching football. Day 144, my job has many wonderful perks. One of those is having lunch catered every day. On this day, my office had fresh lobster flown in from Maine. Yes, I know this is crazy. And yes, it was delicious. And because no one likes a bragger, that is all I will say on the subject, other than it is super hard to crack a lobster leg.


Day 145, girls night at Macaroni Grill with my sister, Aud & Leslie. We competed to see who could be the best fifth grader by drawing all over the table with the three cheap crayons provided by our server. We’ll call it a tie I won. Day 146, the Cooper Young Festival hosted a party at Cafe Ole to reveal it’s 25th Anniversary Poster. Here’s a small look at the various poster designs thru the years. My goal is to one year be chosen to create the design. One day.


Day 147, I am a messy painter. Instead of washing the excess paint from my brushes or wiping them against a paper towel, I often just use my hands or clothes. Some call it being lazy. I’d rather refer to it as creative genius. Day 148, Maddie is so adorable. She drives me crazy most of the time and is absolutely horribly trained, but she is just so damn cute. Right?


Day 149, Kristen and I have become experts at what she likes to call curb shopping. In this case, a more accurate description would be as follows: driving down a ghetto-ish street, spotting a random pair of distressed doors leaning against the dumpster of an abandoned building, parking the car, counting to three, sprinting from the car to confiscate said doors, stuffing them into the trunk without shutting it to save time, all the while praying no one sees you before you can get the Hell out of there. Danger? Ha. We laugh in the face of danger. Curb shopping is awesome. Check out our new shabby chic doors. Day 150, I’ve recently reconnected with some old high school friends by being talked into joining our high school reunion committee. We’ve had so much fun catching up and hanging out together, I have renewed hope I will actually enjoy my 10 year reunion instead of freaking out about attending. I’m actually now looking forward to it.


Day 151, my Etsy Shop had a little surge that sent me to the Post Office with a whole group of orders. Keep shopping! Day 152, I’ve tweeted about Newk’s a few times in the past month which apparently put me in the running for the July Twitter Prize of which I wasn’t previously aware. Whatever. I’ll take it. Thank you, Newk’s, for the $25 gift card. I spent it wisely.


Day 153, more Cooper Young Festival art. Considering that is all I’ve been doing for the past few months, there are a lot of artwork pictures on here. I sold two of of these three. I consider that a success. Day 154, I recently had the pleasure of creating the album artwork for Memphis singer/songwriter Chris Milam’s new EP, Young Avenue. He’s amazingly talented and I had so much fun working with him. Here, I attended his show at the HiTone. If you’ve never heard him play, his record release party is this Friday night at HiTone. You can read more about him here. See you there.


Day 155, I love hats. My only complaint? Why do men’s hats get sizes while most women’s feature One Size Fits All? Spoiler: one size does NOT fit all. I have a huge brain head and find it somewhat embarrassing that I am forced to purchase all of my hats from the men’s section. It’s an issue I feel needs to be addressed. Hat designers, please take note. Day 156, I love playing golf with my Dad. My golf clubs are closely guarded by a lion, while my dad’s are looked over by whatever species of dog you think this looks like. I would call the lion my good luck charm, but I’ve never actually beaten my Dad at golf, so…maybe not.


Day 157, Jon Stewart is amazing. He managed to score the first interview with Robert Pattinson after Kristen Stewart got caught Mini-Coopering her director. This is how he explained his show to all the Twihards tuning in for the first time. This graphic came up at least ten times before Pattinson appeared. It was funny every time. Day 158, more Cooper Young Festival art. Not much else to say there.


And, that’s 16 and done. Another 16 of Project 365 is queued up to post tomorrow, so check back. I also apologize for the status of my portfolio pages. I’m currently updating/organizing them with more recent work, so bear with me for a few more days.

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi at Cooper Young Festival. It was a blast and we will definitely be back next year.

– lindsey archer

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