Cooper Young Festival Art Update 4.0

Welcome to my latest Cooper Young Festival Art update. If you’ve been reading these since the beginning, you can go ahead and skip to the next paragraph. For the newcomers, my sister (Kristen) and I have signed up as vendors for the 2012 Cooper Young Festival so we can sell our art/prints/photography/all-around-awesome-Archerness. This September 15th, you can visit us at Booth D-23. To catch up on my previous CY Fest posts, you can go here and start at the bottom. You can also see some of my prints at my new Etsy Shop.

At the end of my last post, I promised to show you some more of our home decor pieces and tell you about my fear of power tools. Sadly, I don’t have the photos of those pieces, yet. Next time. Promise.

So, today…today we’re going to talk about Elvis Presley. Allow me to preface this post by telling you that, yes, I am a Memphian—born and raised. But no. I have never been to Graceland.

Did you just dislocate your jaw from it dropping so fast? If you’re from Memphis, then you’re probably not fazed. Your jaw is no doubt still attached because you have most likely not ventured to Graceland, either.

It’s one of the first questions people ask the second they meet someone from Memphis, TN.

Have you been to Graceland?

I have nothing against Elvis Presley. I like Elvis. I enjoy his songs. I love that his memory and celebrity both live on and help to attract hundreds of thousands of people to our wonderful city each year. And, honestly, I’ve meant to visit Graceland. For years I’ve been saying I need to go. I admit it would be nice to be able to simply nod yes to that initial Memphis inquiry about our beloved King of Rock and Roll.

Except, despite its close proximity to my house—fifteen minutes—I simply haven’t gotten around to it. And, every August, I am reminded of that fact. I am slapped in the face with that fact. Why? Two words. Elvis. Week.

Every year, leading up to the anniversary of The King’s death—August 16th—Memphis explodes with All. Things. Elvis. Beale Street vomits up Elvis Impersonators of all ages and ethnicities. Local restaurants update their menus to include variations of the disgusting famous peanut-butter-and-banana-sandwich. There are concerts, festivals, a 5K, conventions, more concerts, conferences, memorials, parties, more concerts, tributes, special guests and more concerts. People invade Memphis from all over the world. It. Is. CRAZY.

With this year marking the 35th Anniversary of Elvis’s death, Elvis Week will no doubt be even crazier than normal. Since I—like many native Memphians—will be avoiding downtown like the plague during the week of August 10-18, I thought I’d come up with my own way to celebrate Elvis Week 2012…from the safety of my own neighborhood.

I have my own two words for you. Art. Prints. I combined my love for typography and Memphis’s love for all things Elvis to design my own custom Elvis Presley art prints.

First up, one of my favorite Elvis Presley quotes, “When things go wrong, don’t go with them,” complete with a retro microphone graphic (visit the Etsy listing HERE). As always, click on images to enlarge.

I also designed another variation of this print with a vector illustration of The King Himself (visit the Etsy listing HERE).

And, you can’t create an Elvis Presley art print without mentioning anything about those infamous blue suede shoes. So, I designed up a few different blue suede shoes prints (visit the Etsy listings HERE and HERE).

Just like my other prints, these are all available in my Etsy Shop as 8″ x 10″ (unmatted & unframed) prints. For CY Fest, I’ll be offering the majority of these pre-matted, in both 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes (Booth D-23).

And, who knows. I might attend an Elvis Week event this year. Maybe by this time next year, I’ll have even made that visit out to Graceland.

Or, maybe not.

– lindsey archer

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  1. MUST. HAVE. ELVIS QUOTE. great job as usual!


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