Cooper Young Festival Art Update 2.0

If you stop by here regularly, you might notice there is a new page up in the navigation bar, titled shop. If today is your first visit to my blog, then let’s pretend shop has always been there because I’m super organized and never procrastinate.

Moving on.

Today is the Grand Opening of my official Etsy shop: The prints currently up for sale are the pieces I’m going to show you today. They will also be available this September at Booth D-23 at the 2012 Cooper Young Festival.

In case you missed my first CY Fest post (go here to catch up), my sister and I have signed up as vendors for the 2012 Cooper Young Festival. Since I’ll be updating the blog regularly until September with my Cooper Young Art, I decided I should start numbering these. Today is update No. 2. Go here for Update No. 1.

Like most graphic designers, I’m obsessed with typography. Side note: Comic Sans does not qualify as typography. As I recently reiterated on twitter, “Every time you use Comic Sans, a graphic designer cries.” Fact.

Anyways, since my city paintings take a significant chunk of time to produce (there are multiple steps and hoops I have to jump thru in order to make them), I wanted to create a print version of the idea for CY Fest. I’ve been glued to my desk at home this past week, turning that into a reality. Part of that time was probably wasted away on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other various black holes (such as this and this and this). Regardless, I actually made some progress and I’m rather pleased with the finished products.

First up, my Memphis themed city print (because HelloI’m from Memphis and my city is awesome).

For a full listing of the 32 places/attractions listed in this Memphis print, you can visit the Etsy listing here. I also have this print available in black and white textured backgrounds:


Next up, since all of this is for the 2012 Cooper Young Festival and I do happen to live in the Cooper Young Neighborhood, I designed a print comprised of neighborhood places/hot spots.

For a complete list of the 30 Cooper Young places/phrases featured, visit its Etsy listing here. I also have this one available in black textured and teal backgrounds.


Now, on to my absolute favorite. If you’re a Midtowner, or happen to know a few of us, then you’ve no doubt heard the saying, “Midtown is Memphis.” We also have an affection for “38104” bumper stickers, which is the Midtown Memphis Zip Code. If you’re not a Midtown lover, then both of these references probably drive you crazy. I apologize. We may be a tad obsessed with our neighborhood (um…because it’s AWESOME). I will admit I’ve been referred to as a Midtown snob once or twice before. Those of you who frequently use this moniker about me and my neighbors, please refer to this GIF.

Back to business. For this typography print, I decided to take a creative spin on the traditional Snellen Eye Chart. I’ve seen something similar to this done before with a New York theme, so I thought…why not Midtown Memphis? If you look closely, you’ll notice the phrases “Midtown is Memphis” and “I love midtown and 38104” are both incorporated into the 36 letters of this eye chart.

These are also available in black and white textured color schemes.


In my Etsy shop, these are all available as 8″ x 10″ (unmatted & unframed) prints. For CY Fest, I’ll be offering the majority of these pre-matted, in both 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes.

As you can see, my shop is currently comprised of All. Things. Memphis. I plan on creating more typography prints that are non-Memphis related, with which I could use your help. What popular/inspiring sayings/quotes do you think would make a great typography print? Short, long, funny, sweet…let me know in the comments, and I’ll draw up a few for next week’s update.

In the meantime, if you’re bored, feel free to do a little shopping.

– lindsey archer

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  1. Fabulous! Can’t wait to see your booth!!

  2. Ahhhh! yes! great job….for next projects, maybe your favorite song lyrics, movie quotes/literary quotes? Holidays?

    • I like the literary quotes idea! I’m always afraid a quote/lyric I really like may not appeal to anyone else. And, there are so many good ones out there, I never know how to narrow it down!

      • I hear ya. Classics always are good. I know I comb Etsy for Avett Brother stuff! Maybe weekly themes of typ projects(or however long it takes you to make them 🙂 )? Women authors, southern writers, Harry Potter(!!)

  3. Kathleen

     /  July 15, 2012

    NO MA’AM
    NO SIR

  4. wish i was there to see it, you are truly fantastic with word-aesthetics!

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