project 365 | days 95 thru 110

I just completed day 117 of my Project 365 project. Triple digits. Unbelievable.

For my previous Project 365 posts, you can go here, scroll down to the bottom and select older posts. Today we’re starting with Day 95. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 95, you kind of have to know me to really appreciate this photo. My bedroom floor often looks as though a laundromat exploded on it. The fact you can actually see the grain of my hardwood floors in this image is a downright miracle. Amazing what a few loads of laundry can do, huh? This beautiful scene did not, however, last very long. At this very moment, there is more clothing strewn across my floor and spilling out of my laundry basket than in my actual closet. One day at a time. Day 96, another day at the Overton Bark Dog Park, another night of Maddie barely trotting thru the front door before collapsing in a heap of dirty, puppy exhaustion.


Day 97, I’ve been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy for years. When I noticed the entire series run pop up on Hulu+, I was a little too excited for the chance to re-watch it from the beginning. I didn’t really think thru the decision. Once I started on Season 1 Episode 1, I could not stop until I finished all eight seasons. I’m a tad ashamed at just how quickly I flew thru the 172 episodes. Day 98, because we’re so worldly and cultured, Kristen and I tried a new restaurant—Skunx Chef Pub. Temporarily closed down for a little remodeling, it is now officially back open for business. We had some olive oil, spinach, chicken pizza creation that was absolutely wonderful. You know what else was wonderful? The two free beers the owner gave us. He just gained two loyal customers.


Day 99, I’m a golfer. Notice, I did not say I’m a good golfer. Just your average, every-day, mulligan-loving-golfer. For a pre-father’s day outing, I joined my brother and dad for an extremely early morning tee time to beat the heat. We didn’t beat it. Day 100, Father’s Day dinner at The Butcher Shop Steakhouse. I love my Dad.


Day 101, my favorite part about dining at Chinese restaurants are the fortune cookies you get to crack open after stuffing your face full of sticky rice and egg rolls. I don’t know about you, but I hate the actual taste of fortune cookies. I mean, who really enjoys eating bland cardboard? I just love the little white piece of paper inside that allows me the ability to add significant meaning to some generic statement that has absolutely 100% chance of coming true because HELLO it tells you the future so it is extremely important and always accurate. Except for when it tells me bullshit like, “You are talented in many ways.” Um…no shit, Sherlock. But, can you just answer me this, Mr. Fortune Cookie? When, exactly, did my mother start working for you? Because that, my sir, is Not. A. Fortune. Day 102, Mulligan has recently taken to playing hide and seek under the covers. Not quite sure what it is he’s hiding from, other than the 45 lbs. of terror puppy.


Day 103, speaking of terror puppy…she is head over heels in love with our parent’s beast of dog, Bogey. They like to frolic around in my parent’s backyard. And by frolic, I mean run around at break-neck speeds while managing to find the singular spot of mud in the entire yard so they can bathe in it together. Day 104, as I mentioned in this week’s previous post (go here), Kristen and I have officially signed up as vendors for this fall’s Cooper Young Festival. That means I have a little more than two months to turn this dusty white canvas—along with many more—into a breathtaking work of art that might cause someone other than a member of my immediate family to open their wallet and purchase. Wish me luck.


Day 105, I will always be grateful to Bert Johnston for gifting me with my first subscription to Poets & Writers Magazine. It’s always a great day when I come home to find this waiting in my mailbox. Day 106, another day at the pool with my close friend, Starbucks, and another wonderful book, WHERE THINGS COME BACK, by John Corey Whaley. This book will definitely make an appearance on my Best of List for books I read in 2012. Beautiful story.


Day 107, I love getting to look into other people’s homes. I did not mean that in the incredibly creepy way it just sounded. Okay, I’m nosy and i love to…yeah, there’s just not a way to make that sound not creepy. Moving on. There’s a house on the corner of our street that has been in the remodel process since we moved into our neighborhood last October. Kristen and I have driven and walked by this beautiful midtown home dozens of times and it’s been fun to track the progress of its transformation from the outside. Luckily, an open house was held recently and we got to walk thru and see the house in all of its glory. It’s absolutely beautiful. Looking for a home in the midtown area? I high recommend 2063 Young Avenue. Day 108, another dinner at Huey’s because well, you can’t go wrong at Huey’s. Ever.


Day 109, I cooked! I call this miracle pasta. Why? It was a miracle in that I was able to turn the depressingly sparse contents of our fridge into an actual, edible meal. Just call me Master Chef Archer. Day 110, I’m not against vanity license plates. I’ve been wanting a Mississippi State one for years. It’s just…really? The Boss? I guess it makes sense, though. Douchebag is probably too many letters to fit.


And, that’s a good stopping point. Check back tomorrow for another Cooper Young Festival Art update.

– lindsey archer

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  1. love it especially the fortune cookie one about did you hire my mother. Of course I am a fan because you REALLY are talented! And it’s not your mother talking. It’s a supporter talking.

  2. I LOLed at your “douchebag” license plate tweet!

    Putting that pizza place on my list!


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