project 365 | days 79 thru 94

Today is my 104th day with my Project 365 journey. Can you believe I’ve passed the Day 100 mark?

For my previous Project 365 posts, you can go HERE and scroll to the bottom. Today we’re starting with Day 79. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 79, I was put in charge of the invitations and cake for my friend’s baby shower. Since I’m not the best baker, I cheated and ordered Muddy’s cupcakes. I did take them one step further by adding my own DIY toppers inspired by my invitations. And unless you like eating paper and metal, no, the toppers are not edible. Day 80, it was hot as balls outside. Because I’m insane, I decided to join my friends for a Memphis Redbirds game in the middle of the southern heat. While I was looking forward to sweating off a week’s worth of liquids, we unfortunately ended up getting to watch the game from an air conditioned suite. Hard times.


Day 81, I’ve been working on a “city painting.” Here’s a peak into my creative process of turning a list of words into a typography painting. You can contact me to have your very own for only $250. Day 82, like I mentioned, it has been SO hot in Memphis, which is standard for the months of April/May thru September/October. Hoping for some relief, I performed a rain dance and the clouds appeared because I’m a magician just like Harry Potter.


Day 83, our dog is crazy hyper and once you get her riled up, there really is no stopping her—especially considering she can jump the puppy equivalent of a seasoned NBA player. Because they also were hoping for rain, here’s Maddie and my sister doing the rain dance in our front living room. It’s blurry because I have a piece of crap iPhone 3Gs while I wait ever so patiently for the iPhone 5 release. Just a few more months. Just a few more months. Day 84, seeing this picture again makes me want to jump in the shower. It comes courtesy of the public restroom at Wendy’s in midtown, where apparently they forgot that women’s restrooms also require walls. Honest mistake, right?


Day 85, we took our crazy hyper puppy to the Overton Bark Dog Park Grand Opening. As you can see, she was completely exhausted after chasing great danes around in the mud for 2 ½ hours. Day 86, I love my lazy Sundays. This is what I spend them doing, laying around on my bed watching TV with my precious Mulligan right next to me. Life really is so much better when you share it with animals.


Day 87, my lazy ass actually cooked dinner for my sister and me—baked Dijon salmon fillets. Hope she doesn’t get used to it. Day 88, I introduced my sister to White Collar and its beautiful star, Matt Bomer. This man is basically perfection. Watch the show. You won’t be able to look away.


Day 89, I took a shortcut for dinner and stopped by Cheffie’s Café on my way home from work. Like I said, I don’t cook a lot. Day 90, as the first grandchild of my parents, my nephew gets to play with all the toys my mother saved from my brother, sister and me growing up. Did you ever play with MarbleWorks as a child? Instead of using them for their correct purpose, my nephew fashioned the pieces into a makeshift machine gun, complete with spit-spraying machine gun noises. God, I love him so much.


Day 91, I finished my latest book, Room. Even today, over a week later, I cannot get this book out of my head. Emma Donoghue wrote a disturbing, courageous and absolutely beautiful novel. I felt uncomfortable the entire time I was reading it. The story got under my skin and that feeling lingered, which goes to show how awesome this book is. It’s not for the faint of heart, but I highly recommend it. Day 92, the patio at Young Avenue Deli—just a block from my house—is a fantastic place to people watch. I can sit there for hours, making up stories for all the random people who stroll by. It is extremely entertaining.


Day 93, storm clouds gathered over the Malco Paradiso where I joined my brother and Dad to see Prometheus. If you’re a sci-fi fan, this movie is a must. Michael Fassbender plays a very convincing creepy robot. Day 94, the storm clouds broke while I was conveniently stranded inside my car without an umbrella, along with a small side of really loud pinging hail. Sometimes when it rains, it makes me nostalgic for my college days. I would use even the slightest drizzle as an excuse to skip class and stay in bed all morning. Ahh, the good ole days. I have no idea how I managed to graduate on time with decent grades.


I’m nearly 30% thru my Project 365…28.5%, to be exact. Only 261 pictures to go. Wish me luck.

– lindsey archer

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