project 365 | days 47 thru 62

Today is Day 75 on my Project 365 journey, which seems like a good number to celebrate. Feels like a milestone, right? Also, only 3 of the 16 images I will be showing you today have Mulligan in them. At less than 20%, I think I’m still a safe distance from crazy cat lady territory.

For my previous Project 365 posts, you can go HERE and start at the bottom. Today we’re starting with Day 47. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 47, my day job. See? I told you I had a day job. Lately, my desk has looked like a copy machine vomited all over it. This is my desk 10 days before Cinco de Mayo—which, for the restaurants I work for, is a HUGE day. I think that explains all the copy machine vomit evident here in this photograph and the fact you can’t actually see the wood part of my desk. Day 48, I took a little work home with me and trimmed some Cinco flyers while watching the NFL draft and drinking a little nightcap concocted by my temporary houseguest, Audrey. I traded her my football knowledge for her drink mixing skills. Don’t judge. All Most of those flyers were cut perfectly straight.


Day 49, meet purple bear, one of the first toys my sister purchased for Maddie back in December on the day we brought her home. Considering this toy has yet to endure even one tear, it’s safe to say that is some superior dog-chew-toy-material. Also, Kristen insists on calling it blue bear. Am I color blind? That belly looks purple to me. Day 50, I love how cats can contort themselves into totally weird positions and fall asleep like it’s totally comfortable and not at all unnatural to have your head practically upside down while resting. And yes, Mulligan sleeps next to my head. I think the word you are looking for is “precious.”


Day 51, my parents have lived in only two houses since I was born, the second of which is pictured here and is where I spent the majority of my growing up years. Since it’s only twenty minutes from my house—give or take 5 depending on how horribly I speed down the interstate—I’m usually over there at least once a week. I love my family. That’s my mom sitting on the front porch rocker. Wave hello. Day 52, did you know that Café Olé has Margarita Mondays? The fact I’ve been living a block away for nearly 8 months and am just now finding this out makes me sad. So many wasted Mondays!


Day 53, if you haven’t already discovered I love reading and therefore read a lot, then this is obviously your first time visiting this blog. Welcome. Veronica Roth’s  DIVERGENT made my list of top 2011 books and since I recently purchased its sequel, INSURGENT, I figured it was time to re-read the first book to get all caught up before I devoured the new one. This is one of the reasons I give to people who ask why I’m such a psycho and have to buy all my books instead of loaning them out from my local library (other than the fact I believe I still owe a substantial amount of late fees to said local library). I re-read my books all the time, just like re-watching DVDs. It’s not weird. Day 54, I kick ass at Words With Friends. Look at that score. No explanation necessary.


Day 55, more of that day job! Here’s an excerpt from a May Music Line-Up Poster I designed. Day 56, the restaurants I work for were all ready for Cinco de Mayo. A lot of work-related images…can you tell I was busy at the office this month?


Day 57, what all that work was for—Cinco de Mayo. Outside, under the tent, live music, tacos, margaritas & Dos Equis draught beer. Heaven. Day 58, from here until the end of summer I will probably be posting at least once a week from my parents’ pool. And just to warn you, I will most likely run out of creative ways to photograph a pool after 3 of those weeks. I hope you like pool water.


Day 59, INSURGENT finally came in the mail! I devoured it in two days. It was awesome. Go read it. Day 60, Mulligan isn’t exactly what you would call a neat eater. I’ve never actually caught him in the act of pretending he’s a small child just learning the ins and outs of eating, so I have absolutely no clue how he manages to get half of his food all over the damn counter instead of in his belly. I think he’s messing with me, determining how many times I will wipe the excess food off of the counter and into the trashcan before I go certifiably insane. He’s a sneaky one. God, I love him so much.


Day 61, I’m helping throw a very dear friend of mine a baby shower this weekend. As a graphic designer and self-titled creative person, I was in charge of invitations and of course I made these myself. I can’t believe you would think otherwise. I also only burnt myself once with the hot glue gun. Okay, twice. Progress. Day 62, Mulligan loves men. While usually shy around visitors, he always makes an exception when it comes to my friend Sean, my dad or my old roommate Jason. All men. Kristen claims it’s because he’s gay, which I would totally support if that were the case. However, I think it’s because he’s slowly going insane by living with three women (3 when you count the puppy) and is looking for a male accomplice to help with his diabolical escape plan. I swear it’s like he can literally smell testosterone the second it crosses the threshold of the house. Here he is with my friend Sean. What you can’t see here are the whispers that took place while he thought I wasn’t looking. “Get me out of here. Help me, these women are f-in crazy. Why are you leaving and not taking me with you? Traitor! I thought we were buds!”


And that’s all for today, folks. Sorry the blog’s been rather slow this month. I’m going to try to remedy that soon, with a few posts scheduled to roll out before June 1st hits next Friday. Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter (@lindseyEarcher) to stay current on all my Project 365 images until I get around to blogging about them. I apologize ahead of time if you don’t like cats.

– lindsey archer

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  1. Carey "FREETHESAINTS" Miller

     /  May 23, 2012

    Yes you do kick my sorry ass at Words.. You had to show my worst game ever, didnt you???

  2. This was fun! Your WWF score is really impressive. I’m terrible at points strategy, so I lose most of my games by an embarrassing amount.

    • Thanks, Brenda! And…practice makes perfect. I’ve been playing Scrabble for a LONG time! Learning the 2 and 3 letter words helps a lot 😉

  3. Free the Saints

     /  May 30, 2012

    You only like playing WWF with me cause you beat the crap out of me every game except one or two…


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