project 365 | days 31 thru 46

Today is my 56th day with Project 365 and y’all.


This is kind of getting hard. I’m sort-of-maybe-definitely starting to run out of ideas. Especially this week when I’ve been so busy at work that I basically go home and crash on the couch until I eventually graduate to my bed after a few healthy hours of television.

300 days left. All I have to say is…I hope you like pictures of cats, because I have a feeling you’re about to see a lot of them before this year runs out.

For my previous Project 365 posts, you can go HERE and start at the bottom. Today we’ll start at Day 31. As always, click on images to enlarge.

Day 31, of course we’d kick this off with a picture of my cat, Mulligan. He likes to sit in the cubby of my headboard and catcall (see what I did there?) at the squirrels and birds at 6:00 in the damn morning. Not my favorite way to wake up—especially when he leaps on top of the headboard and knocks a hardcover book down onto my head. Day 32, speaking of books, here’s another recent read. Lucy, by Laurence Gonzales, has been on my TO READ shelf since summer 2010. So glad I finally got around to it because it was amazing. Thank you, LaineyGossip, for the recommendation.


Day 33, another picture of Mulligan. Stop judging. I’m not a crazy cat lady. I only have one, who apparently thinks he’s a dog who likes to steal drinks out of the toilet, so really I don’t even know if that counts as one full cat. Day 34, Huey’s is an obsession. I don’t know what they put in their Ranch dressing (crack, maybe?) but my best friend, Megan, and I can’t get enough of it. I seriously can’t go two weeks without eating there—cheese fries, buffalo style chicken miners and a gallon of ranch dressing. Great. Now, I want Huey’s for dinner.


Day 35, I love my job. I love that I get awesome perks at my job, one of those perks being free tickets to various Memphis events. Enter Brooks Uncorked, which is basically a big silent auction at an art museum, where you walk around all night, eat free food provided by local restaurants, drink unlimited amounts of wine and dance to a DJ on the outdoor terrace’s dance floor. My sister and I may have had a little too much fun that night, though it was totally worth the hangover. Day 36, my other best friend, Christine, has an obsession with Cinderella. I don’t use the word obsession lightly. When I saw that Ballet Memphis was doing Cinderella at the Orpheum, I knew we’d be going. Grabbing dinner at Alchemy beforehand—one of Cooper Young’s new treasures—we had a blast.


Day 37, here’s an excerpt from a freelance guest book design. The same guest book I blogged about last week. You can see the whole cover, plus the inside of the book, over at this post. Day 38, I believe I’ve mentioned how much crap my sister and I have bought for our new house (go here and here). I claimed we were done, no more buying. That didn’t last very long. Similar to the weak self-control we displayed when we brought Maddie home from the puppy shelter after only going to look around and weigh our options, I just had to buy this lamp from the antique sidewalk sale we stumbled upon the day after Brooks Uncorked. It was only $15. Let’s blame the hangover.


Day 39, I’m working on my query letter. I’m researching. I’m reading. Welcome to my personal Hell journey to get published. I still have a lot of work left to do. Day 40, and this is how I get thru those long days of work. You’re welcome, Starbucks, for keeping you in business.


Day 41, Vampire Diaries. Awesomeness. Season finale is next Thursday. Enough said. Day 42, I told you I was running out of ideas. I met my family for dinner after work at Newk’s. I know, my photo creativity must be mind-boggling you right now.


Day 43, summers in Memphis means festival season. Music Fest kicks off Memphis in May this weekend, with BBQ Fest in two weeks. Speaking of BBQ Fest, did anyone ever see an episode of Memphis Beat? It was that show on TNT starring Jason Lee, supposedly set in Memphis, although it wasn’t actually shot in Memphis. The only episode I ever saw took place during Memphis in May’s annual BBQ Fest. Let me repeat, BBQ Fest. That is how everyone in Memphis refers to this festival, and I mean everyone. You know what Jason Lee called it? The Memphis International Festival of Bar-b-que…over and over again. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me that (along with many similar indiscretions) screamed, “Our show’s writers don’t know anything about Memphis, TN!” So disappointing. Anyways, allow me to step off my soapbox and get back to the point, which is festival season. This is the second year my sister and I dragged a group of friends to Brewfest at the Redbirds’ stadium, as we’re seen here toasting our souvenir glasses. If you’ve never been, I recommend making the trip next year. You won’t regret it. You may not even remember it—there’s a lot of beer available for consumption. I suggest taking photographs. Day 44, it’s summer! Have you heard?  That means my parents’ pool is officially open. In this picture, it was also officially freezing at 60°. It’s since warmed up to a nice 72°, so I will definitely be making the 20 minute trek there to nurse my Cinco de Mayo hangover this Sunday.


Day 45, another Mulligan shot, this time with a little Maddie thrown in. Apparently the reason why Maddie chases and pounces on the cat is because he tortures her during the day while my sister and I are at work. Payback is a bitch. Day 46, my best friend, Megan, is probably going to kill me for posting this picture, but I just couldn’t help it. Since she moved far, far, far, far, far away to North Carolina late last year, the only way Christine and I get to see her face is thru Video Chat on Google+ Hangout. It’s the highlight of my week. You have no idea how much I miss this beautiful face.


That’s it for today. Go enjoy the weekend. It’s Cinco de Mayo, so I know I’ll be enjoying it.

– lindsey archer

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