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I love writing. SO much. I hear so many writers discuss how they can’t wait to get that first big publishing deal so they can quit their day jobs and focus all their time on what they really want to do—writing. Then I hear agents clamor on about how they wish their new writers wouldn’t rush to quit those semi-lucrative day jobs because a first book deal may not provide enough financial support. Not everyone can be J. K. Rowling.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Similar to query letters, seems like everyone has an opposing opinion, doesn’t it?

And, yes. I won’t lie. It would be nice to sit around my house—or Republic Coffee—all day long, doing nothing but writing. Except, the thing is, I actually like my day job. I love graphic design about as much as I love writing. I have no doubt I would miss it were I to give it up completely to pursue that elusive writing career.

Does that make me lucky? That my actual job and my let’s-call-it-a-hobby serve equal importance? Or does that make you think I don’t take my writing seriously and therefore am not ready to actually be a writer?

Back and forth.

Have you ever noticed how in so many movies and TV shows, it seems the main characters NEVER work? They’re perpetually stuck in the weekend…at least that’s all you see. You see them hanging out at their apartment, or the local coffee shop or their best friend’s bar—which happens to be the only place they ever hang out because that’s totally normal (And don’t be a smart ass and be all, “What about The Office? They work all the time,” blah, blah, blah).

I used to think that’s crazy! Then I realized I sort of do the same thing on my blog. Sure, I have a link up top to some of my designs (which desperately needs updating, FYI), but I don’t ever really write about my design work.

I just searched my blog and yeah…I’ve blogged once about a freelance design. Once. And between my day job and the freelance work I pick up, I spend a lot of time designing—a great deal more than I do writing. So, I’m going to remedy that. Right. Now.

As one of my ongoing freelance jobs, I design custom guest books for the clients of a wedding photographer. He takes their engagement pictures—which are always stunning—sends them to me and I develop custom books for them to use as guest books at their weddings.

Now, before you say anything, you’re right. This isn’t technically my day job, but it is graphic design, so stop being picky.

Here’s my latest custom guest book, starting with the cover (as always, click on images to enlarge):

All images were taken by Mike Gagliano of Starlife Studios, who I highly recommend. He does excellent work and happens to have a great new website…which I designed. Sorry. Am I plugging my design work too much, now? My bad.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have a day job to get to.

– lindsey archer

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