project 365 | days 19 thru 30

Today is my 41st day with Project 365. If you missed yesterday’s update, you can catch up here for days 7 thru 18 and here for days 1 thru 6. As always, click on images to enlarge.

A few weeks ago, my hair dryer blew up. I’m not joking. It literally started smoking while I was drying my hair. I smelled the smoke and freaked out, thinking my hair was aflame like I was trying to give Katniss Everdeen a run for her money as the Girl on Fire. Then I noticed actual blue and white sparks coming out of my hair dryer that just so happened to still be In. My. Hand.

So, naturally, I threw the hair dryer straight into my heap of hair products atop my vanity before I realized I had just thrown a smoking piece of metal and plastic at multiple, flammable cans of aerosol mousse and hairspray. Yeah. I’ll own up to that one. Not my brightest moment. I’m not exactly well-functioning before 9 am. Okay, 11 am. I also have to mention that this incident just so happened to fall on the same day Peyton Manning was released from the Indianapolis Colts. Coincidence? I think not. Long story short—Day 19, I bought a shiny, new hair dryer. Day 20, I think it was my turn to cook, which is why, instead, I dragged my sister to Cheffie’s Café for dinner. I’m lazy. It was delicious. All is forgiven.


Day 21, my friend Elizabeth invited me out for a girls’ night to see The Break-Up Show² at TheatreWorks. I laughed my ass off the entire time. Day 22, white irises popped up in the backyard. Honestly, I admit I was out of ideas for this day’s picture. See, I don’t care all that much about flowers because if I bring fresh ones into my house, Mulligan eats them only to throw them up a few hours later. Which kind of takes the beauty out of them, you know? They can stay outside where they are less appreciated by the cat, therefore more appreciated by me.


Day 23, Brunch with the family at Boscos, which isn’t complete without mimosas. Day 24, it is NOT OKAY that my friends turned me onto Draw Something. Do you have any idea how much time I already waste on Words With Friends? I have this little problem in that I can’t stand for little numbers to pop up on the icons for my apps on my iPhone because for some reason it makes me feel unproductive and then I can’t stop thinking about those little red devil numbers until I check the app and make them go away, so then I feel like I have to play the game immediately so that red Satan circle number goes away. Ugh. I know. My life is so stressful (thanks, Leslie).


Another time-waster? Pinterest. I can spend hours on that web site accomplishing absolutely nothing. On Day 25, though, I found a great tutorial on a How-To for a fishtail braid. Thank-you, Pinterest. Sometimes you are worth it. Day 26, some of my extended family was in town and I couldn’t resist snapping this of my cousin, Ella, who is such a clone of her mother that it’s kind of scary. Adorable, though.


Day 27, I’m both a Peyton Manning and Indianapolis Colts fan. I have been for quite some time. Regardless of Manning’s departure from Indy, I will still continue to support both. Which is why I bought a Broncos Manning T-shirt the second they became available. Diehard. Day 28, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE my neighborhood. Remind me to tell you about the time my sister and I sat on our front porch making animal noises back and forth for at least an hour with a neighbor two houses down from ours. It was a very eventful Saturday night for us.


Day 29, my lovely sister took pictures of me with my two best friends as a combination present from me to them. In 2011. It has only taken me a little over 4 months to finally go thru the images. Right on schedule. Day 30, every year on Easter—for as long as I can remember—my family makes a ‘bunny’ cake (made from two round circle cakes). It’s tradition to decorate it together, by which I mean I usually decorate the bunny cake while my sister looks on from a kitchen barstool and my brother watches TV in the den with my dad. This year, though, my 4-year-old nephew got to do the honors by himself, which is why the bunny looks like it just vomited sprinkles all over its chin and bow tie. Hey, if he’s happy, I’m happy. It still tasted wonderful.


Okay, I’m taking a break on Project 365 re-caps for a few days and getting back to writing. In the meantime, you can follow my Twitter for daily updates. Next up is all about Satan’s spawn my query letter.

– lindsey archer

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