project 365 | days 7 thru 18

Today is my 40th day with Project 365. It has been 33 days since my last confession.

I, honestly…I…I need a minute. I seriously can’t believe I haven’t screwed this up, yet. How many weeks is it you have to do something until it supposedly becomes a routine? I’m too lazy to look it up. I only have 325 days left of this. Which means…wow. I guess that still is a really long time.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter (@lindseyEarcher), here’s a recap of Days 7 thru 18 (click on images to enlarge):

Day 7, I helped a good friend celebrate her birthday, starting at Las Delicias—where I also happened to watch the Memphis Tigers lose during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. I guess I should have just taken a picture of me hanging my head in shame. Day 8, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t complete without green beer, plus a FREE T-shirt courtesy of Celtic Crossing. I mean who doesn’t want to walk around with IRISH FOREPLAY emblazoned across their chest?


Day 9, Maddie gets bored in the backseat of the car. And holy shit look how big she’s getting! Her head is almost bigger than Kristen’s. Literally, not figuratively (ha). Day 10, Kristen and I love our Mac products, hence why our TV room resembles a mini apple store.


Day 11, the view from our back deck. Our backyard turned into a jungle overnight. One day it was all winter brown and dreary. Then green crap just sprang up out of nowhere and turned our backyard into summer. Day 12, I read a lot. Right now, I’m averaging a book a week, which puts me on track for my goal of 52 books this year (you can follow me on Goodreads here). This was me halfway thru FRIENDS LIKE US, by Lauren Fox. Excellent read. Go and read it. You can thank me later.


Day 13, if you haven’t heard of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games series, then you need to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under for the past year or so and rejoin society. Give it time—your eyes will re-adjust. Now, because I’m a psycho and can’t seem to wait for a normal movie release time, I of course dragged my sister to the opening midnight showing for Hunger Games at Studio on the Square. Amazingly, she did NOT fall asleep. I was so proud of her. Day 14, and…we went again. Within 24 hours. Same movie, different theatre. Stop judging me.


Day 15, we had a baby shower at our house for a very close friend of my sister’s (full pictures on her blog, here). For presents, we were each assigned a letter of the alphabet for the new baby’s room. This is my DIY “E” I made. Day 16, sometimes I don’t think Mulligan realizes he’s a cat. He does so many un-cat-like things. Like the fact he loves being near water. Baths? He would jump in if I let him. Just another obstacle on his way to conquering the world, I guess.


Day 17, wine for dinner. What do you mean that’s not normal? You say tomato, I say wine for dinner. Day 18, watch out for John Green‘s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS to appear on my best of 2012 list—in addition to many other people’s lists. This book made me cry AND laugh and OHMIGOD. It. Is. Amaze-balls. Top read so far. So good. Read it. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen.


Are you doing your own Project 365? Let me know. I’d love to see it. We crazy people have to stick together.

Check back here tomorrow for days 19 thru 30. And, just to clarify, 3 out of 18 pictures being of my cat so far does not make me a crazy cat lady. Stop judging me.

– lindsey archer

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