project 365 | days 1 thru 6

Today’s my seventh day with Project 365. In case you haven’t joined the masses and succumbed to Twitter, I thought I’d catch you up. Feast your eyes on my first six days (click on images to zoom).

You’ve seen Day 1 before, but I thought, well, you can never see enough of my adorable animals. I have a feeling they’ll take up at least one-third of the images over the course of this coming year. At least. The cat, Mulligan, does not exactly like the new puppy, Maddie. And, yet, here they are—within a foot of each other. Maybe they’re just faking all the hissing and barking and pouncing and annoying as Hell puppy/cat brawling. Maybe when Kristen and I are gone, they actually get along. But, look at Mulligan. Look at that expression of complete superiority he’s wearing in this picture. I own you little puppy. Just me? Whatever. THEY WILL BE FRIENDS. Day 2, my sister took some photos of me just because she had the camera out taking pics of our beautiful house and…yeah, there’s not really a reason. I have a cool new headshot now, though!


Day 3, this is the beautiful face I wake up to every morning—my beautiful cat, Mulligan. He’s adorable when he’s not chasing/terrorizing our new puppy. Day 4, Cheffie’s Café is holding a March Madness Bracket Challenge. I completed and submitted my official bracket with all my picks for the NCAA Tournament. There’s a prize for last place, which I’m clearly in the running for. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


Day 5, Memphis in the summer is horrible. The heat? The humidity? It can get miserable. Which is why the fact my car registered 90°F in the middle of March scares the crap out of me. I’m not looking forward to baking this July. Day 6, speaking of baking…our air conditioner hasn’t worked the last few days, so I had the lovely pleasure of sitting at our house for an hour and a half while the air man fixed us all up. It was worth it. I can’t handle being hot. At all. I’m a complete baby about it. I’m sure Kristen can attest to the fact it turns me into a whiney toddler. I’m not proud of it. But, like how I yell at other cars for driving under the speed limit, braking too quickly or anything that even slightly inconveniences me, it’s just a weakness I’ll have to live with.


As I mentioned in my first Project 365 post, I post my images every day on my Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter, HERE. Six days down, 359 to go. Who thinks I’m going to make it?

– lindsey archer

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