pin this, part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Official House Tour. If you missed Part 1, you can go here to catch up. I’ll wait.

Meet our new house, part 2 (again, you can click on the images to make them slightly larger):

Welcome to our Guest room, where all of our lovely friends will have the opportunity to stay over after they’ve had a few too many from down the street at Young Avenue Deli. Or Celtic Crossing. Or Café Olé. Or any of the other numerous restaurants/bars within walking distance of our new house.

This lamp is another one of my favorites in the house. My sister noticed it at a thrift store after I walked right by it. Kristen may or may not have somewhat fought another shopper for us to have this. But, come on. Book spines as a lamp base? How perfect is that for me?

These twin beds were in my room growing up (along with the transformed dresser now residing in our dining room). We were short one mattress, so we picked one up off a random corner, tied it to the top of Kristen’s car and prayed it wasn’t infested with bed bugs. If you happen to stay over, you’ll have to let us know.

Here’s Kristen’s lovely room. Hers and the guest room are the only two rooms in our house with carpet. Another reason why we didn’t fight over who got the master suite (I don’t care for carpet).

We each have a dress form in our rooms. She gave me mine as a birthday gift after we had been searching for them for months. They’re all over the place at antique stores, with only one exception. None of them are ever for sale. It’s like they’re just teasing you. Oh, you like this pretty thing? Too bad. Sucks for you. Try again later.

Since her room is the master, she also gets the master bath. The Hollywood Image is actually a Kristen Archer original she took while in LA last year filming a documentary for Mary Kay Inspiring Stories (I love telling people that. It’s pretty awesome to have such a talented sister). This vanity is another family heirloom, though she’s had it for quite some time. She refinished it herself while in college, so it is in much better shape than the one you’re about to see in my room.

And my lovely bathroom—one of my sister’s house requirements was that we each have our own. I have no idea why. I’m not a big fan of the red walls, but that’s the color they were painted when we moved in. I’m planning on painting it a light gray…whenever I get around to it. Seeing as how I’m a horrible procrastinator, that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

No bathroom is complete without a stash of reading material. Poets & Writers is my new favorite obsession (thanks, Bert).

And, my room! Yes, that’s a fireplace. How else is Santa supposed to come visit us and drop off all our Christmas presents? On the fireplace, holding the two red candles, are what Kristen and I refer to as the “roach killers.” If you’d like to know why, please refer to this. I bought these back when I was in college, I believe. They have definitely provided more worth than anticipated. In case you were wondering, there are no roaches currently residing under them at this very moment.

This is where the other magic happens—the writing magic. My iMac is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I highly suggest owning one. Yes, it might take a year’s salary—as most Apple products do—but I promise it’d be worth it. Also, those two frames hold the two book cover designs I did for Bert Johnston. My family surprised me by having them signed and framed. I can’t wait until he writes another (no pressure, Bert).

As you can see, my dress form is similar to Kristen’s. I also found a smaller version from Pier One to display more of my jewelry. And what’s that little old thing sitting next to it, you ask? I’m a proud graduate of Mississippi State University, so I don’t why you’re surprised I have a cowbell sitting on my vanity. As a fellow Mississippi State alum, my brother gifted me with that bell way back at my high school graduation. And yes. I ring it. All the time. Kristen loves it. Of course, my bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a magic mirror. Kristen took a short detour on her way to move into our house after she spotted this mirror on the side of the street at a garage sale. It was $5. All it needed was a little windex and a layer or two of paint. Have you noticed how she’s basically found all the good deals and I merely reap the benefits?

These “city” paintings are my pride and joy. They’ve made me quite a decent amount of money, too. Painted on 2′ x 3′ canvases, these were my two originals. My best friend, Megan, and I took weeks to come up with all the names to list on them. The left is composed of places/streets/etc. in downtown Memphis, the right from all things midtown. They hung proudly on the wall of the apartment we used to share (I miss you, 56 McLean. And you, Megan. And you, Jason. And you, Heath). There are actually quite a few establishments listed here that are no longer in business since these were made so long ago. FYI, I take custom orders for these, where people can give me their own list of 30-40 names/places/etc. that I then turn into a painting. They make great wedding presents (I’ve gifted a few, myself). Contact me if you’re interested. Yes, they cost more than $20. Please ignore all the scratches on my otherwise beautiful vanity. I got this for free from a friend of my sister-in-law who was giving it away. You heard that right. Giving. It. Away. I paid absolute zilch for this lovely piece of antique furniture. I’ll get around to re-finishing it right after I paint my bathroom.

You already know that I love books. I may have mentioned it before. Having a built in bookshelf in my own room? Oh, well, that’s just a little bit of heaven. You may have also picked up on the fact I love cats. I always have. I grew up with a cat named Friskey who—I love to point out—liked me better than either of my brother or sister. Friskey used to hide under Kristen’s bed and attack Kristen’s feet when she got up in the mornings. She also used to piss in my brother’s shoes, though I think that’s because he once tossed her off our back deck to see if she’d land on her feet. Even though she did, he had the piss coming to him. My mother actually gave me this lovely porcelain cat decoration when I was in middle school. I think I deserve a medal for keeping up with it for so long. I lose everything. But this? Somehow, it’s survived.

Since I own so many books, it’s only fitting that I recently started collecting bookends. My mom and sister found these been bag ones on Etsy a few years back and got me “idea” and “edit” for Christmas. Megan bought the green one for me last year. Whenever someone asks for an idea of what to buy me, my go-to is always bookends. Feel free to buy me one. Anytime.

And, because I can’t show my house to you without formally introducing you to one of its residents, I give you my cat, Mulligan. When he’s not terrorizing Maddie, he likes to hang out on my headboard by my books and stare outside. As my old roommate and friend, Jason, used to say, “He’s planning his escape so he can take over the world. [switches to cat voice] Why do you keep calling me Mulligan? My name’s Bartholomew.

And, that’s my house! I hope you enjoyed it. As I mentioned in part 1, my sister has more pictures and descriptions up on her own blog. You can check that out HERE. Go to it. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen. She’ll wow you with her amazingness.

Next week, I’ll try and give an update on my writing—you know, kind of, sort of, the whole reason I started this blog? In the meantime, you can check out my Twitter to see how Project 365 is coming along. I haven’t missed a day, yet!

– lindsey archer

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  1. Hey that’s my scarf! 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m not sure if we’ve crossed paths before, but you just started following me on Twitter a few minutes ago, so I came over here to see what was up. And I found this:

    “We were short one mattress, so we picked one up off a random corner, tied it to the top of Kristen’s car and prayed it wasn’t infested with bed bugs. If you happen to stay over, you’ll have to let us know.”

    I just wanted to say that that’s not very reassuring! 🙂

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