project 365

A.K.A. Project 12, then forget about it. That’s actually giving myself a lot of credit to think I’ll be able to remember this for twelve whole days.

No, really. I’m going to try. Really try.

If you’ve never heard of it, Project 365 is where you strive to take one photo a day, for 365 days in a row. For those of you who don’t know math, that’s equal to one full year (you’re welcome, don’t mention it).

My friend, Christine, did it last year. My friend, Megan, started it yesterday. I thought, why not? Wouldn’t it be cool to look back a year from now and see all these moments captured that I’ll have most likely completely forgotten about? Or is it just me that has an absolutely horrible memory?

Well, that horrible memory is going to be put to the test this year. In order to make this project successful, I actually have to remember to take a picture every day. One picture. Every. Day.

This is a dumb idea, isn’t it? Am I crazy? Are you shaking your head at me right now, having trouble suppressing a laugh? Those of you who know me well probably are. I don’t blame you. Have I mentioned before that I have a horrible memory? I can’t remember.

I’ll be posting them thru Instagram on my Twitter every day (or, at least attempting to). You can track my progress by following me on Twitter HERE. Feel free to yell at me if I miss a day. I’ll also try and post some here on the blog. No promises.

I’m starting off with a bang, though:

I’ve just set a daily reminder on my iPhone. Wish me luck!

– lindsey archer

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