it’s crowded in there

My head, I mean. I have so many thoughts swimming around in there that it’s usually hard to concentrate on just one at a time. Also, if you’ve ever met me for longer than 5 seconds, you’ve probably witnessed my worthless short-term memory. When I’m introduced to someone new, it’s like all I’m hearing is some Charlie Brown version of wha-wha-wha-wha-wha. By the time I’m done shaking their hand, I’m left staring…wondering what in the Hell they said their name was, because I’ve sure as Hell already forgotten.

It’s pathetic. I know. And it’s not just meeting new people. I’ll wake up from the middle of a really great dream and by the time I’ve blinked my eyes, I couldn’t tell you—for the life of me—what the Hell it was about. It’s gone, lost somewhere in my head, swimming around with all the other jumbled thoughts. My mom thinks I’m being sarcastic when she’ll ask me to go upstairs to get something and has to yell up 15 minutes later because I’ve become completely distracted and forgotten the actual reason that brought me upstairs in the first place. Yes, sometimes I might forget on purpose…but not all the time! Promise.

When I’m driving down the street and a great conversation idea for my novel pops in my head, I scramble to find something on which to write it down. It’s a wonder I never crashed ole silver bullet in the process. Luckily, I’ve come up with a better plan. I’m now the only person I know who actually uses the Voice Memo app on my iPhone—to record my random thoughts, novel ideas that pop into my head and other bits & pieces I’m scared I’ll forget by the time I exhale my next breath. Plus, it’s way safer for silver bullet 2.0 than trying to write down or type something while I’m pushing 60+ mph.

Anywhoo…back to my head. There are so many thoughts I have fighting for attention right now, I could fill up about 10 blog posts by Friday. But, seeing as I don’t have the time to write all of them (see topic #2 below), I’ll start with just the top two.

Topic #1. WE GOT THE HOUSE (that’s in all caps so you’ll know I’m screaming inside)!!!?!!! We got THE house. The PERFECT place. Seriously, my sister and I are so excited the search is finally over and we get to move into a place that has ALL of our must haves and none of our dealbreakers. We move in October 1st, back to midtown in the middle of beautiful Cooper-Young, a mere two blocks from my favorite bar. Seriously. My insides are smiling and screaming and jumping up and down. You’ll just have to trust me on that. Stay tuned for pictures.

Topic #2. My novel will be complete by September 10th. 17 days. I’ll be done in 17 days. I’ve set the 10th as my deadline because the Colts play their season opener on Sunday, September 11th, and I’m beyond obsessed with them. I want no distractions that could possibly pull me away from Peyton Manning when he beats the Houston Texans in the first week of the regular season. So yeah, I’ve been writing like crazy lately and I’ve loved every minute of it. And to make my deadline, I’ll be writing even more frantically over the next 17 days. Please excuse me if, in the meantime, my blog posts are a little sporadic. But guess what??!? Jade Henry is almost ready to meet you.

– lindsey archer

Side note—you would have been able to enjoy this post on Monday night, except I decided after work on Monday it would be a great idea to start re-reading Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series in celebration of its 10th anniversary this month. The problem? Those books are SO good. They are like crack cocaine…if I was a crack addict. I’ve wanted nothing more than to lock myself in my room so I can finish all five of them with as few distractions and as quickly as possible. It’s been two days and I’m almost to book three. I know. I have a problem. Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Jessica Darling, then I’m sorry. We might not be able to be friends.

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  1. Love Jessica Darling. If I wasn’t so focused on the GRE right now I would re-read Second Helpings, that was my favorite. I hope I will be on the privileged list to preview the novel in 17 days. That’s so great!!


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